" Midnight in Paris " : Woody Allen created an optimistic utopia

By Woody Allen has long could get used to: a person who shot the film 41, in theory, is unlikely to surprise us something other than his capacity for work and ability to find the money.

Meanwhile Allen surprises.Shot in 2008, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" with Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson in the lead roles was a sweet heart and the extent of sexual melodrama about a difficult choosing the right path at the crossroads of a raging libido and common sense."Come what may" (2009) - senile grumbling about the unbearable lightness of being old rake Larry David and young provintsialochki with silly fascinating face of Evan Rachel Wood, and last year's pattern of "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" - fascinating dissection of love with the help of a charming Frieda Pinto.

And what about the "Midnight in Paris"?Allen did not cost much to philosophize when writing a script for the 42th picture.Taking as a basis for its old story "The case of Kugelmasom" where tired of his wife and child supp

ort hero with a complex mechanism sent to Flaubert's novel, to find happiness in the arms of Madame Bovary, a multiple winner of the award "Oscar" has removed the movie, which in fact happensall the same, but in a much more romantic form.

Allen, of course, failed.Despite its tumultuous biography and his advanced age, he still dreams of a large and bright feeling to the young and beautiful, but, thank God, does not fall into dotage and demonstration of a succession of rich Perseus young damsels.

Allen, of course, romantic.Despite his 75, he believes in fairy tales and tells them so convincingly that life really begins to seem miraculous.

Under piano "Si tu vois ma mère" he does not continue "her romance with Europe" (as it has been dubbed kinomatograficheskie experiences with Barcelona and Paris), which, of course, is nonsense, and shows yet another optimistic utopia.At this time, about the young writer from California, looking in Paris inspiration, and who found the way into the past, where you can fall in love with the muse Picasso (Marion Cotillard), drink Pastis Hemingway (Corey Stoll), chat with Dali (Adrien Brody) and carousing withF. Scott Fitzgerald (Tom Hiddleston).

No Madame Bovary, no sex, no tax agents, no painful parting with yearning love, but oprotivevshey mistress!Instead - salons, conversations about literature and art, bohemian gatherings, exchanging remarks with Luis Bunuel, illuminated lanterns Seine embankment, disputes with the Gertrude Stein, once invented for all these characters, the term "lost generation" ...

Lost here,by the way, everything: character - at the beginning of the XX century, from which he himself does not know what to return home;his new love Adriana - in century XIX, where there Lautrec, Gauguin, to deal with that, in fact, the dream of any smart young lady;and all of them together - in their own lives with all domestic troubles, obscure and vague commitments is not that the future, as much closer tomorrow.

only balanced people here - the guide from Versailles, the role of which Woody Allen, after much thought, adopted Carla Bruni and seems to be not mistaken in the choice.That's it, in real life, managed to perfectly build their own destiny, having risen from the model to the first lady of France, and will help to get lost in time to understand the writer in his biography, which, however, everything to the end and not fall into place.

All these adventures and deep introspection, of course, could be thoroughly "carry the hero of the roof," but it is much more successful than doing without end "enduring" his brain young wife.But this is so - between cinematic strings.Somewhere between these same lines, супруга"зачем-тебе-гулять-по-ночам-если-магазины-работают-днем!"in the end and will remain, while the character of Owen Wilson will leave at the very midnight in Paris - to that as well, as he believes in fairy tales.

There they, in general, and the road.On the assurances of Woody Allen, he did for many years living in a dream world, from which selected only then to take the medicine for heartburn.