Cannes Film Festival ended with an unconditional victory " Love "

Palme d'Or went to Michael Haneke and his "Love", a film about an elderly couple.George and Anna together for life, they are already over 80 years old.Due to a serious illness, Anna begins to gradually fade away.Woman loses his memory, it paralyzes.George is looking for nurses, but bitterly realizes that his wife will not get affection and warmth.So he throws teaching at the conservatory, and devotes herself to the care of his wife.The man does not want to send her to a nursing home, as required by their daughter.The main characters in the film played by 81-year-old Jean-Louis Trintignant and 85-year-old Emmanuelle Riva.

Intrigue on the Cote d'Azur almost was not.The fact that the Austrian director - the main contender at the Cannes Palme has been known for a few days before the festival.

Recall that Haneke is not the first time awarded a prize at the Cannes Film Festival.In 2001 he got here Jury Prize for "The Piano Teacher", in 2005 was named best director for "Hidden," and in 2009 won the Palme for

"The White Ribbon."

As for the other prizes at the Cannes Film Festival - 2012 Grand Prix received a satirical picture of "reality" by Italian director Matteo Garrone, the prize jury - Comedy Ken Loaka "Angels."

Award for Best Actor in men has received a Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen for his role in the film "The Hunt".

Among women shared the award Romanian actresses Cristina Flutur and Cosmina Stratan for the role in the film "Over the hills".

prize for best screenplay was Christian Mungu (Romania) for the screenplay of the film "Over the hills".The director's prize went to Spaniard Carlos Reygadas for his film Post Tenebras Lux (lat. "After darkness light").

Note that on the eve of the contest prize of the prestigious International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI was awarded the film by Russian director Sergei Loznitsa "In the Fog".The picture is an adaptation of the novel by Vasily Bykov, telling about a partisan during the German occupation of Belarus during the Great Patriotic War.The main role - suspected of betraying the partisan - played an aspiring Belarusian actor Vladimir Svirsky.

most famous film festival and Vanity Fair's number one in the world has ended, and ladies will still be a long time to discuss outfits, where movie stars appeared on the red carpet and fans thoughtful art-house cinema will eagerly wait for the Cannes film in wide release.