Doomed " Cosmopolis " by David Cronenberg made ​​a boring movie sentence modern capitalism

Current attempts for the nation's mental health to censor the internet space can succeed.But not for long.Sooner or later, everyone who is interested in cinema, will understand: to get acquainted with all sorts of cute and not very "abnormal" can be almost any movie David Cronenberg.And his "Cosmopolis" - is no exception.

Of course, it is worth remembering how it all began.Shot in 1986, "The Fly" immediately to dot the i, presenting the viewer Cronenberg as a flame kafkiantsa.This, in fact, still came into our heads to make a film about the eccentric scientist who decided to himself to test the device for teleportation, but suddenly turned into a creature of Lepidoptera?

In "Naked Lunch" (1991), the hero wanders among all rather disgusting and totally incredible creatures, and slowly sliding down the rails, as, indeed, and "Crash" (1996).The "Spider" in all its glory - a man who spent 20 years in a home for the insane.

It would be very strange if after all that Cronenberg has made something sentiment

al and lyrical style of late Lasse Hellstrema or what could be there, early Ingmar Bergman.

Going the beaten them the way, he took the movie, advertising slogan which could well become a famous phrase from a joke "Wow went to fetch some bread!", Because "Cosmopolis" is really about how, having gone trim yourself bang hero quicklybecomes a different person ...

Based on released in 2003, the eponymous novel by Don DeLillo, "Cosmopolis" was the 20th film by David Cronenberg.The story describes a day in the life of 28-year-old billionaire financier Eric Packer, who had gone to the hairdresser to Manhattan, but instead had time to change his young wife, to be attacked and lose all his fortune, and almost without getting out of your own limousine.

Eric, I must say, it is extremely unpleasant, the fault which was not only the whim of writers, but also selected for the role of Robert Pattinson, again, after the recent "Bel Ami", trying to conquer the big cinema, but it seems that is still "the guy from "Twilight", the idol of girls at puberty and actor in one role.

his role perfectly would suit a young Jeremy Irons or, in extreme cases, Colin Farrell, but the Irons have not a child, and Farrell decided not to participate in this project, preferring him to "Total Recall." And Pattinson, devoid of the usual vampire part, alas, still can not hold the attention of viewers, for which has already received the full almost all critics, the most affectionate of them called the game Robert "too monotonous. "And that's putting it mildly

He sits in a limousine, looking completely frozen look on what the normal person would look at least with horror:. to have betrayed his people to the raging crowd surrounded his car is clearly not a pacifistintentions.

Cronenberg as it creates the allusion: Robert Pattinson's character - this is the essence of capitalism, hated by all, and therefore doomed, despite the veneer and steel in his eyes.But the allusion turned hromovatoy: capitalism has long since acquired a human face, then how can he - a mask, so not once raised to reveal even the slightest glimmer of humanity.


boring.And this boredom does not disperse any beautiful music Howard Shore ( "Lord of the Rings", "Time Keeper"), or starring in one of the roles without a doubt a beautiful Juliette Binoche or existing nomination "Cosmopolis" at the "Palme d'Or" at the Cannes Film Festival, oreven brand kronenbergovskimi psychological delights, which was written at the beginning.The whole psychology here, alas, has been reduced to emotional neprobivaemosti addition, in relation to whom, in theory, the viewer has to experience emotions.