Sudan (1921 )

Ah, maybe this morning
Too loud sound drums,
Crocodile in leather,
witch too loudly on the rocks of the Nubian Nile.
Because compressed heart,
forehead is hot and his eyes darkened,
And dreams lively marina,
Voices swarthy sailors,
The foam shreds cheerful sea,
And overseas gorge Dor-Fura,
Gallery-forests Kordofan
And the great watersBornu.

Cities, illuminated by the sun,
Like clade in green slums,
And of them are threatening to hand,
Minarets ascend to heaven.
And on the thrones of ivory
sits as ancient Breda,
Kings and ruler of Sudan.
next to each chained,
Leo narrowed his eyes, his head raised,
And with the mustache licking the blood of a Human,
Beside each playing ax
thick-lipped, with shiny skin,
Black, if the ruler soul,
in a bright red shirt executioner.

before them slave traders
his goods proudly carried,
Groaning people in heavy stocks
And the whites of their sparkle in the sun,
Passing leaders from the desert,
in their turbans pearl strands,
Feathers long ostrich twisted
over the back of his head playing horses,
and arrogance are the French,
Clean-shaven, dressed in white,
in their pockets with paper seal,
their jealous lord Sudan
rises from their thrones.

A circle on the wide plains,
Where the grass hides a giraffe,
Gardener almighty
God in
wings SILVER mantle Thou hast made the reflection of paradise:
He pitched shady groves
whimsical mimosas and acacias,
seedling hills baobabs,
The galleries forestswhere
cool and bright as in the Doric temple,
He spent abounding
river and the mighty impulse of delight
Created quiet lake Chad.

And then, with a smile, as a boy,
What came up with a funny joke,
He gathered here absolutely unprecedented,
amazing birds and animals.
Paints taking in desert sunsets,
Parrots he feathers painted,
Dal elephant he canines that whiter
Clouds African sky,
Leo wore a golden dress
and spotted dressed leopard,
Did horn as amber, rhinoceros,
Dal gazelle girlisheyes.

and went to the distant stars -
Maybe they raskashivat too.
wandering beasts, God assigned to them,
By watering sbiralsya together,
and do not know what a wonder-beautiful,
As such, they are, you will not find,
and do not know about this hunter,
What a blazing noon lies
Behind a bush with poisonous arrows
and shouts over the prostrate beast,
Performing hunting dance,
and carries rulers of Sudan
Expensive their prey.

but the native inhabitants
steppe meadow Sometimes fires.
day when the sun is eclipsed
from flying in the wind and ash
unseen beast purple
On the plains of moving flames,
This Day - a resounding celebration
What the devil made a friendly
Dame-death and horror-brother!
this day know a person among the crowd
scorched, roaring, beating
Throughout fangs, horns,
confessed alone: ​​fire!

evening.The eye is able to discern not
Bright white strands on the belt.
It's a sign that Muslims should
Allah accomplish ablution, water
He who is in the woods above the river, sand
He who in the waterless desert.
And the bare sandy cliffs
Red Sea to the green trees mnogopennyh
People pray.Quiet in the Sudan.
And over it, over a huge baby,
believe, believe God inclines.