As a picture from an old book,
sweetens my evenings,
these plains and spreading fan palms.

and channels, canals, channels,
they bear along the mud walls,
Watering Dametskie rock
pinkish spray foams.

And these funny camels
With the body of fish heads and snakes,
How huge, ancient miracle
pyshnotsvetnyh from the depths of the seas.

That's how you see
Egypt divine hour three times a day when the sun
man drunk
And conjuring, steaming water.

to distant plane trees flowering
you pass as you walked up
There sage, speaking with for ever,
birds and stars ever fell in love with.

That Water Is noise serene serious
between mill wheels,
Or Apis moos snow-white,
bloody chain of roses?

This benevolent gaze of Isis
Or getting up the flame of the moon?
But come to your senses!Grow pyramid
before thee black and terrible.

on gray moss from their ledges
Sleeps fly eagles,
And in the depths of buried corpses,
unfamiliar with decay, amid darkness.

lay Sphinx guarding the shrine
And with a smile, looking from a height,
Expecting guests from the desert,
about who does not know you.

But Egypt's ruler single,
Oh swaying Nile flood
Over Halls Elefantiny,
Above the gardens of Memphis and Thebes.

there, looking at the empty river,
You exclaim: - "It's the same dream
not chained me to our age,
If you can see through the abyss of time

Performing princess Velenje,
not with me there naked slaves
On!.deserts were carrying stones,
erected here these pillars?

and centuries later, not in front of me there,
Dances dancing priestesses
Shrek praise singing,
Before Ibis prostrated themselves?

and languishing at Antonia nice,
Raising large eyes,
Cleopatra felt the Nile
runs through the sails.

But enough! Shall you want
forever live among the past Otrada?
And not happy you tonight,
And today's grass is not happy?

not chip ancient crypt
Under your a ringing leg
There is another shower of Egypt
and other solemn feast.

Just marvelous Fata Morgana,
vision of the city at night in captivity,
Above the mosque of Sultan Hassan
Minaret pierces the moon.

on cool outdoor terraces
itching women gold braid,
treats friends
dark-eyed ginger jam of roses.

Sheikhs pray strict and sullen,
and lies in front of them the Koran,
Where Persian miniatures,
Like a butterfly fairy countries.

and therefore chant verses,
Raval on a soft sofa,
Prev hookah and coffee
fire evenings in the cool cafe.

wonder where the country has created
sayings, past world:
- Who tried the water from the Nile,
will forever strive to Cairo.-

Let hosts here - the British -
drink wine and play football,
And Khedive high Divan
I do not arbitrary power of the Holy!Let

!But the true king of the Arab countries do not
and white, and the one, who with
sohoyu il with harrows
Black buffalo in the lead.

Though he huddled in the house of mud,
dying like beasts in the woods,
He is a favorite of the sacred Nile
and his contemporaries - fellah.

For him annually spills
These straggly red
water floods the rich cornfields,
triple Where it takes a toll.

And his shield thresholds
Stripe ostrogrudyh stones
from unexpected midnight alarm,
short-Nubian swords.

But it knows and the kite sleepless:
whole country - it is only the river, bordered frame green

And another gold from sand.

If stork pensive close
settled in your field,
Write in English
note and tie it under the wing.

and spring on sheet
eucalyptus When the stork comes back,
You will receive greetings from Egypt
From fellashskih cheerful guys.