Abyssinia (1921 )

between the shores of the Red Sea
violent and mysterious forest Sudanese visible,
dispersed among the four plateaus,
With resting lioness similar country.

North - a swamp without a bottom and without boundary,
Black Snake approaches to guard him,
Their sisters fevers sinister flock,
yellow-faced, here found their refuge.

And above them frowned gloomy mountains, age-old abode
robbery, Tigray,
Where bared deep, ruffled
forests and peaks are in the age-old silver.

The Amhara and the fertile sow and mow,
Zebras love to meddle in the home herd,
And in the evening cool winds spread
guttural sounds of songs and rumblings of strings.

Abyssinian sings and weeps Bagan,
resurrect the past, full of charms.
There was a time when in front of Lake Tana Royal
capital contributions Gondar.Under the plane trees

argued doctrine of God,
Suddenly captivating crowd euphonious verse,
Painters wrote King Solomon Queen of Sheba
Inter and gentle lion.

But believing shoanskoy refined flattery,
From ancient homeland of poets and roses
Wise bishop of Abyssinia, Negus Negest,
his throne moved in rocky Shoah.

The Shoah soldiers cunning, cruel and rude,
smoke a pipe and drink intoxicating tej,
love to hear some drums so the pipe,
anointed with oil the gun so to sharpen his sword.

Harraritov, Galla, Somali, Danakil,
eater and dwarfs in the forest often
His Menelik they conquered,
palace paved with its skins lions.

And, looking at the foot of the mountain streams, oaks and
At midday rays celebration,
Caucasian marvels how strange
look at each other and the people of his homeland.

Spellbound country!You are at the bottom of the basin,
pants, fire pours from a height.
over thee resounds the cry of a hawk,
But radiance Do you notice a hawk?

Palm trees, cacti, growing in the grass man,
Too much is this singed grass ...
Careful!It crouched boas,
crouched panther and red lions.

On cliffs and steeper road heavy
Arise, and suddenly you see around
sycamore and roses, cheerful village
and green, people pestreyuschy meadow.

There sorcerer performs the usual miracle,
here, obedient to singing, dancing snake,
who took a hundred thalers for a sick camel,
sat on a rock in the shade, parses the judge.

raised even higher!How cool!
Like the late autumn, empty field,
At dawn streams freeze, and
herd going in a heap under the roof of property.

Baboons growl in the bushes milkweed,
stained in white and sticky juice,
Rush riders, long spear throwing,
rifles shooting at full tilt.

just above the rocks, rapids naked,
Where wander wind: then shall the eagles,
man not climbed there, and the top of
under the tropical sun on the white snow.

And everywhere, above and below, caravans
See sun and drink boundless expanse,
Heading into the hitherto unknown country
For ivory and gold mountains.

How I loved to wander through the same roads,
Seeing the evening star, as a large pea,
sprint onto the hills behind the goat longhorned,
at night to dig into the grizzled moss.

There Ethnography Museum in this
over wide as the Nile, abounding Neva,
In an hour, when I get tired of just being a poet,
found nothing I wanted him.

I go there to touch the savage things,
What once brought myself from afar,
smell the smell of strange and sinister mother,
smell of incense, animal fur and roses.

And I see as the hot sun burns,
Leopard, bent, crawling on the enemy,
And as in a smoky hut waiting for me
hunting for fun my old servant.