Museum of Furniture in Moscow

Throughout his life, the famous Moscow businessman and philanthropist Ghirshman Vladimir Osipovich (1867 - 1936) collected his amazing collection, part of which included not only the Russian furniture and furniture made by foreign artists, but still the best part of the collection was crafted furnitureRussian masters XVII-XIX centuries.

October 29, 1919 in the Hirschman family house was opened the first state museum of furniture and collection of the former owner of the mansion was the basis of exposure.But in 1926, the Moscow Museum of furniture liquidated.Part of the unique collection of lucky, and it distributed to museums.But a lot of the exhibits were sent to various institutions, such as the usual furniture.

And only in the late twentieth century, namely 17 July 2000 in Moscow, opened the doors of a new private museum of furniture that works and takes visitors today.If the foundation of the first museum of furniture Assembly of furniture was laid merchants - industrialists spouses Girshmanov -

Vladimir Osipovich and Henrietta Leopoldovna, the second base of the Museum of furniture is a private collection of the founders of the restoration company "Smirvald" spouse Valentina V. Smirnov and Nadezhda Alekseevna.

Our photographers Tales Maxim and Ekaterina Osipova visited the Museum of furniture on Taganskaya street and talked to Hope A. Smirnova .

«Our house - Museum - merchant manor of the XVIII century.Before the revolution, merchant families lived here.House seven times resold before it acquired last owner - fairly well-known in Moscow Pelagia Potapovna Kukushkin.She herself did not live here, but leased the house for rent.Then, before the revolution, this building houses the military, and after - this was once the mansion has become a multi-family communal.But when the tenants were accommodated on separate apartments in a building placed printer.You can imagine what happened to the house in which there was a kingdom of heavy machinery, printing ink, etc.

building was in poor condition when we - restoration firm "Smirvald", offered to restore it.And then five years, we have carefully restored the house, using all documents, drawings, figures that could be found.Now urban merchant XVIII century manor house, located on Taganskaya Street in Moscow near the historic temple of St. Nicholas in Studenica, the Museum opened its doors to the furniture for everyone.

Our restoration company museum restores furniture, and, we are doing and private orders.It happened that the owners refused to old furniture, or some things, believing that it can not re-create, and we restored it and rebuilt on its own.So we have started to appear, and exhibits for the museum.

general exhibits to us got different.Something we bought something brought people mention that to throw a pity.Things were mostly in terrible condition, almost lost its original appearance.And some items once the owners have tried to "restore" their own, and then it was difficult to even understand what the thing was once.

collect our exhibits, we decided to build an exposition on the interior lines.We have issued real residential interiors, and our house as if to invite their visitors to visit.There is no barrier approach ropes and prohibiting plates.Furniture can be seen up close and even touch it.

That dining area - usually the main room in the house.At the table, the whole family, and was led by the hostess.However, a large table - a recent acquisition, but in the XVIII century, they did not exist - for the reception put the box on which were placed the board.Mandatory decoration dining served buffet or a slide with the most beautiful dishes.

we recreate the interior of a small living room - hostess Cabinet.Furniture Set walnut includes the entire set of objects needed for a comfortable communication and work.On the desk economic book, in which the hostess has contributed all of its costs, in fact, it controlled all economic affairs in the estate.

In our rooms you will find the most different furniture, but we have paid special attention to the works of Russian masters, serfs cabinet, which started the history of Russian furniture.Sometimes the owners of serfs were sent abroad to learn the craft.And on arrival, such a master was to show what he had learned.

Russian masters were added to the European identity of their school.We have a chest of drawers, the furniture created in the workshops Mr. Smirnov based on illustrations by Ivan Bilibin - famous Russian artist and book illustrator.We did not yet exposed to view.It is decorated with Florentine mosaic of stone.But the most interesting - a set of drawers, shelves, taynichki, boxes that are in the most unexpected places.

It's a real secretary, that surprises and delights so far.When the Museum of Modern furniture makers come, they are surprised that the ideas of artists, invented 200 years ago, and enjoyed our time.

museum fund replenished all the time, we add in the new exhibition interior, and, in any home, rearrange the furniture from room to room or change seats, to change the interior, to get him to be more expressive.So we moved the dining room, because we had the rare luck - we acquired set of 12 chairs.

We are very different visitors.Elderly people come here for the memories of the past, young people - to get acquainted with the old, to touch history, and see firsthand how people lived before.They love our museum and children because we allow them to not just watch and listen to, and to get close, to touch, to open drawers and doors, start the music box.

If earlier came to us only from the nearby schools, now in the Museum come on trips to and from remote areas of the capital.

Our Museum offers rooms for organizing various thematic exhibitions, but with the condition that the proposed exhibition will be in harmony with the permanent exposition.In the Museum you can spend a photo session or sign up for a wedding in the fireplace room, a movie or a TV commercial.

Pass we are chamber music concerts and literary evenings.About all the services available in our museum, you can see if you come to us.

there at the Museum and fancy restaurant - it's called "Taburet".The restaurant is a few rooms, and there are quite peculiar, such as the hall, decorated by the sculptor Andrey Smirnov - they made sculptures, masks and weighty, wooden furniture, the most bizarre forms.

All the details of the situation, antique furniture - tables, chests of drawers, cupboards, oven with tiles, as well as everyday objects - bottles, irons, scales, etc., create a mouthwatering interior of Russian antiquity, echoing the museum expositions. "

in the museum courtyard furniture set comic monument stool - such a familiar and essential household items, but with a history dating back almost to prehistoric times.After waiting at the monument onto visitors, we asked them one question: "Do you like museum?»

- It was very interesting, and old furniture look, and the way modern masters made up similar to the originals.

- I really liked it.It would be interesting to order something ...

- In general, the museum is very interesting.It is interesting to plunge into the past, to touch, to see how people lived, what they decorated its interior.All is now ... And the music creates an atmosphere.A good museum, interesting!

first museum of furniture in Moscow lasted 7 years.Museum furniture Taganskaya Street last year celebrated a decade.We wish the creators of the Museum and continue to please and attach Muscovites and visitors to our history, to acquaint with the past, to raise the artistic taste and a pleasing encounter with lovely!


The museum is open daily from 11.00 to 18.00.Sunday - from 11.00 to 17.00.Day off - Monday.

Tickets for adults - 100 rubles, for students, pensioners and schoolchildren - 50 rubles, and pre-school children and conscripts can visit the museum free of charge.