News of the Week : winners of the "New Wave " star rating from Forbes

on the media last week wrote about the winners of the contest "New Wave 2012" and the most popular Russian celebrities according to Forbes magazine.Media is also not paid attention to the joyful event in the life of the actress Olga Kabo.

Forbes made a rating of the most popular Russian celebrities

Forbes magazine has made a list of 50 of the most popular figures of the Russian show business and sports, was a singer Stas Mikhailov ranking leader.Experts publication noted that in the rating is determined by three factors: income for the year, media attention and interest, which is a celebrity in the audience on the Internet.

name Stas Mikhailov was the most requested in a search engine "Yandex", and the 43-year-old singer was also among the richest, his income for the year amounted to $ 21 million.In second place in the ranking - Maria Sharapova, earned 26 million dollars.Her name is requested in the "Yandex" 870,000 times.Closes the top three Alla Pugacheva - 8.3 million dollars, and about 7 milli

on queries per searcher.

former husband of singer Philip Kirkorov took fourth place (8 million), the fifth - hockey player Alexander Ovechkin (15 million) .Also in the top ten rankings included: singer Grigori Leps (12 million), TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak (2.4 million)director Nikita Mikhalkov (2.7 million), Dima Bilan (5.2 million) and singer Nikolai Baskov (6.4 million).

Laureates of the "New Wave 2012" announced in

Jurmala Russian singer Niloo became the winner of the international competition of young singers of popular music "New Wave 2012" in Jurmala.Winners of the competition were announced at a gala concert dedicated to the closing of the "New Wave" in the concert hall "Dzintari".

singer, who took first place, won the prize "Crystal Wave", a diploma and a cash prize of 50 thousand euros.Second place, "Crystal Wave" and 30 thousand euros went to the participant from Italy Costanzo Del Pinto.Third place, "Crystal Wave" and 20 thousand euros received Maria Yaremchuk from Ukraine.Also, the prize of "Love Radio" - support for radio waves - has received the Russian group IOWA.The "New Wave" was attended by 16 participants from 14 countries, among them - Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Italy.Our country is on the "New Wave" were IOWA group, the group W and singer Niloo.

Actress Olga Kabo again became a mother

Russian actress Olga Kabo second time became a mother.The fact that the 44-year-old actress gave birth to a son, one of the first reported in his microblog on Twitter Cabo girlfriend, actress Alika Smekhova."In the morning my lovely girlfriend - actress Olga Cape - gave birth to a son," - wrote in a microblog on Twitter Smekhova.The actress added that the growth of the baby 49 cm, weight - 3.21 kg.Newly Mom and crumb feel good.According to media reports, the Cape and her husband, businessman Nicholas Razgulyaev very happy they decided to name his son - Victor.

Kid was the first common child of Olga and Nicholas, a wedding which took place in spring 2009.As for the Cape, the actress already has a daughter, Tatiana from his first marriage to Edward Vasilishin.

Olga Kabo - a popular actress, Honored Artist of Russia, known for her roles in the films "The Crazies," "The Wizard of Oz", "The Crusade", "Queen Margot".Also Olga - the only Russian actress stunt.

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