Introducing the " Citadel " Mikhalkov told about man's connection with the world

On the eve of Victory Day in the Concert Hall "October" was the premiere of the second part of the film by Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun 2" -. "The Citadel", "Citadel" was presented with less fanfare than wrecked by critics the first part of the continuation of "Burnt by the Sun" - "Anticipation ".At the site, not comparable in scale to the State Kremlin Palace, there was no extras in civilian clothes and military uniforms, 1941, as well as decoration of streets and parks of Moscow the war years.No accompanying entourage - just the prime minister and all.And yet, despite the holidays and covered with in connection with the parade rehearsal center of the capital, see the continuation of the "failed" Mikhalkov came the movie "all-all-all."

in the lobby flashed actor Yuri Stoyanov, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Nicholas Burlyaev, Vladimir Ilyin, who played the role in the movie Kirik, actress Rimma Markova, producer Alexander Shulgin, actress Anna Mikhalkov, also played a cameo role in the film.Emerg

encies Minister Sergei Shoigu and his daughter Xenia tried in vain to hide from the camera in a cafe theater, then in the other, refusing to premature comments.

Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeev was discovered only after the session is completed.Artist as Mitya Oleg Menshikov and his wife Anastasia, on the contrary, no one is hiding: the pair slowly proceeded to the room, giving an interview on the go.In the passage formed "VIP congestion" between rows.Knock Glomu browser.Ru landed on a nearby chair with Sergei Shoigu.
- I would not advise you to occupy this place - recommend the head of Ministry of Emergency Situations.
- Why?- I surprised browser.
- Just sitting here Yuri Nikolaev, he went out briefly, - smiled peacefully Shoigu.

On the horizon loomed Alla Pugacheva, arm in arm with his wife Tatiana Mikhalkov Nikita Sergeyevich.In time he came to the rescue CEO of Channel One Konstantin Ernst, spoiled ceremonial photos, putting Diva playful "horns."Ernst Pugacheva took their seats in the same row in the center aisle, and that Shoigu.

Nearby is the director Fyodor Bondarchuk, who came to the premiere with her mother, actress Irina Skobtseva, and nephew, actor Konstantin Kryukov.

- I'm sure to have fun, Nikita Sergeyevich did not remove a single bad film - told in the course of the actor Alexey Petrenko.

head of the studio "Mosfilm" film director Karen Shakhnazarov expressed his admiration directorial feat Mikhalkov:

- I know what it means to make the military picture of the Russian situation, especially when you're not 25 years old, so I have my own idea of ​​what is goodand what is bad.I would advise our viewers to respect the directors who raise grandiose projects.We can not be doing this movie, it's like that in our automobile industry to make for the year, "Mercedes" on the ZIL.

Endless comments personally thwarted by Nikita Mikhalkov, which appeared on the scene in splendid isolation.

- until you start to speak, no one rassyadetsya.Reserve a seat, please, start - quickly calmed down the hall, "the Divisional Commander Kotov."And he continued:

- I'm glad you came, did not expect, considering holidays.This film - 8 years of life of the group, which employs more than five hundred people - said Mikhalkov.- This is the most difficult conditions of shooting, I do not want to complain, the Lord drove so we all finished.It seemed that the painting "Anticipation" will thus decoy that will leave the viewer in a state of anticipation and interest, but not all did it.But I believe in these pictures, because so many people could not work with such enthusiasm about the fact that nobody wants - this simply can not be.

If the first picture of the destruction of metaphysics, the second - on the metaphysics of creation.When I long ago began to appear in Sergei Bondarchuk in "War and Peace", I very quickly grew, I was even offered a joke to make a shot, so as not to grow ... Then I had the good fortune to live with Bondarchuk in Kashira some wonderful days in the same house.He was all littered with tomes, among which there was little book Tsialkovskogo, which was called "The selfishness of the universe" - not a scientific and sensible theory that the man with the world connects knows that: dead dog, and you cease to exist, or have lost a comb, and allcome to an end, and so on.Strings that bind us to life - we do not know ... In our picture starring great actors, I ask you to respect the sign to watch titles - how many people have gone ahead of time, before they reach this day.If you want, I will introduce the group after the film.

Whereupon Mikhalkov left.Titles Hall met with applause and cries of "bravo".On the scene there were members of the crew, led by major artists and episodic roles: Victoria Tolstoganova, Oleg Menshikov, Nadezhda and Anna Mikhalkov, Inna Churikova, Pavel Derevyanko, Vladimir Ilyin.

Nikita Mikhalkov embraced his onscreen wife - profoundly pregnant actress Victoria Tolstoganova - and complained:
- I will not use Tolstoganova in large projects, for the filming she had to give birth to two children and is pregnant again, had all the time to have time to shoot it between pregnancies.
- Nadia is already too!- Someone shouted from the audience.
- Nadia, too, - laconically commented "interesting position" daughter Nikita Mikhalkov.

Reception on the occasion of the premiere was held in the foyer of the cinema.In the closed cafe "Porto Cervo" the press is not allowed - only crew members and their friends.Alla Pugacheva at the banquet was not left by retiring immediately after the session.Nikita occasionally democratic "left to the people."

- Mikhalkov - bravo!- Welcomed the director kissing the actress Tatyana Egorova, who became famous for his scandalous affair with the memory of Andrei Mironov.At the premiere, she attended with her husband.

- Nikita, we studied together, though at different rates.It is on the ground, I - the third - shared with columnist Tatyana Yegorova.- Once we danced together rock 'n' roll.I really liked the movie.I cried ...

cried not only Egorova, and actor Vladimir Ilyin (Kirik).The film is the first time he looked, and declined to comment: "I can not now, I should think, to digest."

Khrushchev described how hard he were given a scene with his daughter: "I am very worried, but Nadia coped brilliantly If she was not an actress, as a child, now Nadia in 1994 - Stradivarius violin ... - Holy of pride in.Mihalkov.- Nadia daughter coped brilliantly with the role. "

During the discussion, opinions were heard at the reception that Mikhalkov did not release the second part of for so long because it remounted for errors criticized the "anticipation".The result is obvious: the second part was definitely better than the first.

- This is nonsense, - said the browser history with installation Khrushchev.- The film stemmed as it was conceived me.You do not think that if someone out there said that Mikhalkov took bullshit, I throw myself to redo everything?