Scared they are far from the people .The main " Oscar " was the film flopped at the box ( Film News )

As expected, the 82 th awards ceremony of the American Academy for the first time a lot.For the first time the best film of the year the painting was declared, having failed in the national box office.For the first time the golden statuette went to the scene of Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock.Oh, and most importantly, the first winner of the award in the category "Best Director" was a woman.Long before the announcement of the "Oscar" awards the winners of the list for the year 2009 seemed to be any surprises, except for those that can present several Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, at the most it is not necessary to wait for the ceremony.

There was no reason to doubt that the award "overtake" the German actor Christoph Waltz, who played terrible in his charming Nazi in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds."It was impossible to imagine that the US would risk kinoakademiki leave without the "Oscar" a large black woman Mo'Nique, inspirational colored population of the country for his role in the film

"Precious" director Lee Daniels.

Somehow did not fit in my head that without a gold statuette can leave the ceremony the winner of the "Golden Raspberry 2010" and the most cash last year, actress Sandra Bullock, previously received all possible awards for the title role in "The Blind Side."And it is absolutely incredible it seemed that the spirit of the film academy will be typed and not hand over the first "Oscar" of artists, photographers, poets, musicians and simply one of the best character actors of contemporary cinema Jeff Bridges, who played and spevshemu in the film "Crazy Heart."

With an award-winning actor's how it all happened, and it is unlikely that someone from the movie-goers who were lucky enough to see these films, it may be suspected of being biased academics.

surprises started when share trophies were two main rival - "Avatar" by James Cameron and "Hurt Locker" Kathryn Bigelow.

Persons "Oscar"

Female triumph in the category "Best Director" was still predictable.Of course, someone might have thought that the definition of "best direction" which is more consistent with the work of, say, Neil Blomkempa, snyavshego unexpected and fresh "District №9", or Jason Reitman, confirming its high class using the road comedy "Up insky "or" Avatar "... well, about it, and so everyone knows everything.However, academics still had a good reason to award the victory of the former wife of James Cameron.

not because the picture Kathryn Bigelow was a head taller than the other nine contenders for the award, and not because the main show the film industry coincided with International Women's Day, which is celebrated in many countries around the world.Film Academy, the apt remark by James Cameron, was simply unable to resist the temptation for the first time in its history, to hand the lady "Oscar" in a man's nomination.It is still possible to at least try to understand.

victory as "The Hurt Locker" in the categories of "Best Screenplay", "Best Editing", "Best Sound" and "Best Film of the Year" nothing but a conspiracy, it is impossible to explain.

How essay writer Mark Boal about the difficult everyday life was better saperskih "kosher porn" by Quentin Tarantino or the ironic and subtle stories Coen brothers?What is the installation "The Hurt Locker" has surpassed film editing "District №9"?What the experts have recognized the sound of gunfire and explosions more complex than the voice of flora and fauna Pandora or gnashing of "Transformers"?Finally, anyone can explain what all the winners of the selection criteria in the "Best Film of the Year" category?

assume that the interest of the audience for the film - it is not important, and its failure at the box office only illustrates the inability of the majority to distinguish the real movie from the technically perfect ride.But why, then, the viewer still assessed a year ago, "Slumdog Millionaire", shot for the same $ 15 million, and that the creation of Bigelow and earn 25 times more?Suppose experts there is some formula which conformity parameters and is the key to obtaining the prestigious film awards.But why "The Hurt Locker" has not received NO ONE prize "Golden Globe", which is traditionally considered to be the second most important after the "Oscar"?God is with him, "Avatar", but the "Up in the Air" masterpiece Bigelow worse ?!

Answers to these questions are known only to those who voted for her picture.We also left only to witness their presence in the second act, last year's comedy "The Dark Knight" when the movie won the highest audience rating and approval of a majority of critics did not even hit the number of contenders for the award.Recall that the scandal forced the new management of the Academy for the first time in 60 years to increase the number of nominees for the "Oscar" in the category "Best Film of the Year" from five to ten.As it now appears, not much point in this was not.

Will the current situation of the triumph of common sense and the Audience Award at the main film award Regulation of the world, only time will tell.What exactly is not necessary to do is to feel sorry for James Cameron, for the people, in an asset which is not only the reward of all the advantages, but also movies, box office comparable to the budgets of the space industry in some countries, self-pity is clearly not needed.

Here for Michael Haneke and his "White Ribbon" somehow disappointing.Perhaps it was his defeat and became the main surprise of the 82 th award ceremony "Oscar".