In St. Petersburg, completed the award " TEFI - 2010" in the " Individuals " category

Saturday night at the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, completed the ceremony of awarding the National Television Award "Taffy-2010" in the category "Persons".ITAR-TASS news agency.

As reported, at the beginning of the ceremony was planned to give a special prize of the Academy of Russian Television Oleg Dorman, author of the documentary "Interlinear" of the translator Liliana Lungin.However, the director refused to accept the award and sent the appeal, which was read from the stage the film's producer Felix Decter.

"Among the members of the Academy, its judges, promoters and so on - the people, because of which our film is eleven years old could not get to the audience people who despise the public and which made television the main factor of moral and social catastrophe which occurred in ten.the past few years ", - wrote Dorman.

"Having been in the hands of the greatest power, which, alas, has our TV, its executives, editors, producers, journalists do not dare to do the spectators worse. The

y have no right to corrupt, to turn us into a rabble, in a cruel, greedy, vulgar crowd. they have no right to give awards "pony" success Lilianna Lungina not theirs, "-. the director concluded.His award was handed over to representatives of TV channel "Culture", on which the film came out.

special prize "For personal contribution to the development of Russian television" has received a member of the Academy of Manana Aslamazyan.The award will be presented to it in the framework of the All-Russia television contest "TEFI-Region 2010", the final of which will take place in early 2011, said Itar-Tass.

Two prizes awarded journalist REN Marianna Maksimovskaya.Its program "Week" is recognized as the best current affairs program, and she herself was awarded the prize in the nomination "a leading information-analytical program".Awards also received REN program "News 24 Mikhail Osokin" and journalist of the same TV channel Tatiana Limanowa.Leonid Kanfer also working on REN, was the best in the nomination of "Reporter" for the transfer of "Where was the war."

Alexander Gordon was "Orpheus" for the transfer of "Gordon Quixote"."The big difference" First Channel as the best comedy programs, and Ivan Urgant, Garik Martirosyan, Alexander and Sergei Cekalo Svetlakov Taffy received as the best leading entertainment programs ( "Prozhektorperiskhilton").

Sportscaster "First Channel" Cyril Nabutov awarded the "Orpheus" for a series of reports from the Olympics in 2010 in Vancouver.Laureate also became the program "Personal belongings" Andrei Maximov, which goes to the 5th channel.

Best Artistic mini-series has been recognized by the picture "Degraded" and best television art serial - "The continuation of Capercaillie.".Artist starring in this picture Maxim Averin recognized as the best actor and best actress named Anna Ardov, performer multiple roles in the series "One for all".