" Golden Palm " in Cannes was a Thai director for the film " Uncle Bunmi , reminiscing about their past lives " ( Film News )

In Cannes on Sunday night began a solemn closing ceremony of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, which opened on May 12 and spent 12 full days.

The room Lumiere Kan palatial cinemas profit art groups following films took part in the main competition: the South Korean "Poetry", the French "Tour" and "Of Gods and Men," Thai "Uncle Bunmi, reminiscing about their past lives", the Italian "Our life"Mexican" KrasAta "Franco-Iranian" certified copy. "According to tradition, the main festival prize winners must attend the closing ceremony, reported ITAR-TASS.

Following the announcement of the winners of the festival, including film-winner of the "Palme d'Or", will be showing paintings "Tree" by French director Julie Bertuchelli.The title role in it played by well-known French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

As announced jury president director Tim Burton, the highest prize "Golden Palm" was the Thai film director Apichatpong Verasetakula "Uncle Bunmi, reminiscing about their past lives".Never before

Thai cinema has not sought such a success."I am very worried, everything happens as if in a dream," - said, accepting the award, Verasetakul."Today - the most important in the history of Thai cinema", - he said."I thank all the spectators for what they saw and appreciated ...", - the director said.

award special poetics and mystical atmosphere of the film director Apichatpong Verasetakula based on ancient Thai tradition, which asserts the existence of souls and sees the phenomenon in animal sacred beings.The picture is different mysterious, lyrical atmosphere of the story.Action is filled with ghosts and take the unusual shape of the souls.However, they behave exactly the same as human beings, that gives really extraordinary depth and communicate with other worlds and spaces.

"His film I did not want to say anything, especially since I myself am not particularly believe in the transmigration of souls," - said Verasetakul."But I wanted to convey the perception of the world, which I have received in their home country - northern Thailand, where it is still very strong cult animals", - the director said.However, he said that while working on the film was also engaged in meditation in the Buddhist tradition of Vipassana.

Grand Prix at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival the film won the French director Xavier Beauvois' Of Gods and Men. "

Chadian film director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun "Screaming Man" won the Jury Prize at Cannes.

prize for best director won picture Frenchman Mathieu Amalric "tour".

Mexican film director Michael Rove "Leap Year" won the prize "Golden Camera".It is awarded for debut director's work.

award for best screenplay to the film "Poetry" Korean Lee Chang Dong.

Prizes for best actor of the festival jury, contrary to tradition, awarded to two actors: Spain's Javier Bardem for the film "KrasAta" and Italian Elio Germano for his film "Our Life".

And the best female role has been recognized by the French actress Juliette Binoche in the film of Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami's "Certified Copy.""I believe in love," - he said at the presentation of the prize Binoche.It also showed the audience a sign with the name of Jafar Panahi - Iranian director who could not come to the festival, as is under arrest in his country.Kiarostami's film tells the story of the English writer, who came to Florence to present his book.In Italy, he met with the French, which changes his plans.

Jury Prize was awarded to the director of the Republic of Chad, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, for the painting "The man who shouts".Harun has completed thanks welcoming home and a mother who, according to him, watching the ceremony, reports RIA "Novosti".

Prize of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival for Best Dramatic was French director Mathieu Amalric for his film "Tour".Amalric at the presentation of the prize called on stage actress in his film.In the film, we are talking about unlucky producer, which is sent to the American group of dancers on a tour of French cities.

Palme d'Or for short film received the tape "Dog's Story" by French director Serge Avedikian.A special jury prize in the nomination received Frida Kempf for his film "Micky Bader".

As for the Russian cinema, everything remains as before: in the Soviet-Russian cinema is listed only one Cannes Film Festival Award - 1958 "Palme d'Or" won picture Michael Kalatozova "The Cranes Are Flying".At the 63rd International Film Festival Nikita Mikhalkov's picture representing Russia "Burnt by the Sun 2", shown yesterday in the framework of the main program is not got nothing.Cannes audience took the film cool.