In the Russian rolling out the winner of the last " Oscar" for foreign film

In the Russian rolling out "The Secret in Their Eyes" Argentine director Juan Jose Campanella - a film that gets the last "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" and entered the list of the best films of all time, according to, reports "Interfax".

former employee of the court of Buenos Aires, Benjamin Esposito recalls the events of more than two decades ago with the aim to describe them in his novel.Then, when confronted by the brutal murder of a young girl, he made every effort to find and put in jail a person who has committed this crime.But political changes occurred as Argentina in the 1970s, it has jeopardized not only the existence of justice, but also his own life.Today, Benjamin tries to mentally return to the troubled times and not notice how the memory wave carried him to the shores of the reality of the present, where many, like him, have remained forever linked to this murder.

Campanella - confident standing on their feet directed top American television series (in hi

s piggy bank, among other things, a few episodes of "Doctor House" and "Law & Order"), aware of the film industry with everything from editing to producing, which helped him to createhigh quality drama, in which a script, camera, direction and installation almost perfectly correlated with each other.

history of lack of human capacity to truly know the laws of life turned Campanella did not look like a "soap opera", as one might expect.Here, the drama does not hit over the edge, although the events in question, let him do it.Directed so dilutes the degree of love of suffering including naturalistic removed brutal murders that some viewers will not even notice them.But, at the same time, "The Secret in Their Eyes" is the first of more than strongly made the plot - two o'clock timing of the film take place without any possibility of it aside until the denouement, which, of course, can not be called too inventive, but itnot exactly suffering triviality.

role of Benjamin Esposito sang Argentinian Ricardo Darin, who many may remember the main role in the brilliant "Aura" Fabian Belinski, the film, which has become one of the most interesting discoveries of the last decade, and, admittedly, not without the help of Darin.Here he also demonstrates the brilliant acting game and strong professionals that surround it, such as Soledad Viyyamil, perfectly complement the picture, making the implementation of the director's intention to really convincing.

interesting, but it seems that this is one of the very rare cases when the work in Hollywood helped the director to create a truly exceptional indie film.Juan Jose Campanella at full power uses acquired while working on American serials skills, and each of the techniques, of course, is beneficial to tell them stories.