Secular guide: Assange , Delon and " Golden Key "

In the past weekend the first New Year's ball gave Mikhail Kusnirovich, the magazine "Russian Pioneer" summed up the results of the literary year, and French actor Alain Delon presented in the capital of the New Year lyrical comedy.

main Christmas social event - Bosco-ball - this year was held at the Theatre of Nations.As a dress code prescribes carnival outfit on the theme of fairy tales.Couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev in a frock coat and top hat like a master storyteller, actress Alika Cmehova dressed in odalisque costume, singer Alain Sviridov was the mermaid, lawyer Pavel Astakhov c wife - cat Basilio and fox Alice.Lawyer Mikhail Barshchevsky defiled in theatrical costume of the king with the badge "Michael Prince" and musician Alexei Courtney white wig with shoulder-length hair c children and his wife, Amina Zaripova gymnast in the crown represented the "Bremen Town Musicians".Olympic champion Irina Rodnina c girlfriend, TV presenter Oksana Pushkina, the State Duma deputy Svetlana Zhurova, director P

aul wins and his wife Maria Zvereva, figure skater Tatyana Navka, Ruben Vardanyan businessmen, David Yakobashvili, TV presenters Aleksandr Maslyakov Sr. and Alexander Maslyakov Jr. and their spouses came to the carnivalin civilian clothes.

Hall Theatre with covered tables was packed to overflowing.Musical performance based on the fairy tales of the Soviet-led musicals Ivan Urgant in a suit of Count-Duke, Marquis.First appeared on the scene a puppet theater Karabas-Barabas."And he is not a dictator, but a sharp businessman and innovator," - sang suggestively Malvina Pinocchio, Artemon and Pierre, who pulled the strings of a puppeteer with a terrible beard.The guests looked for the head of Bosco Mikhail Kusnirovich, but did not find, and Karabas was not it.

players could learn a musical with great difficulty.Vladimir Pozner in black glasses and a fur coat c Married Nadezhda Solovyova in red wig and hat sang the "aria" cat Basilio and fox Alice.Larisa Golubkina sang turtles tortilla, Peter got the role of the presence of Piero."Oh, my poor Trubodurochka" - came from backstage vote MHTa artistic director Oleg Tabakov.In the role of Trubadurochki, respectively, acted his wife, actress Marina Zudina.

Host Ivan Urgant concert with Valery Syutkin and associates were made in VIA "Bremen Town Musicians" with the song "The whole world is in our hands."Philip portrayed atamansha.

"Chunga-Changa, summer all year round!"- Endorsed the degree of mood cheerful African American with shackles on his hands.On closer inspection, visitors identified the soloist fairly "tanned" TV presenter Leonid Parfyonov.At the end of the musical song from the movie "Cinderella," "Stand up children stand in a circle!"sang the King and Queen - Mikhail Kusnirovich and his wife Catherine."And no communication will not help to make the leg of a small and a big soul", - he assured the guest voice of Erast Garin Mikhail Kusnirovich.Guests of nostalgic emotion, almost believed him.

In this fun is not over.It is a traditional dance competition.In the first and second rounds was attended by Alika Smekhova, Anton Tabakov dressed cowgirl with his wife, the couple Barshchevskaya Tatiana Navka, Oksana Pushkina, the financier Mark Garber in embroidered gold black jacket, "Mary Poppins" Hope Mikhalkov (without Rezo), Olympic champion AlexeiNemov, "sausage king" Vadim Dimov.The contest was judged Irina Rodnina and Pavel Chukhray.As a result, a long marathon in the final were Mark Garber with partner Anastasia Romantsova and president of the company "Yunident" Tamaz Manasherov with his wife Yvette.The prize winners received clock and weighty bags with gifts.The rest of the participants will also have gone from the scene empty-handed.

The next day, after the ball Mikhail Kusnirovich was seen in the jury of the magazine Literary Prize "Russian pioneer".Awarding of winners was held in CSK "Garage" in Gorky Park.Gorky.The jury also included Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, the chief editor of "Russian pioneer" Andrei Kolesnikov, producer Andrey Vasilyev and absent at the event director Alexander Sokurov.The ceremony were co-authors of the book "Men drink, or drug and alcohol abuse Entertaining 2" Mark Garber and Andrei Makarevich.

"The authors of this invention have decided to link today's awarding of alcohol presence in our lives, and I can see that for two reasons - explained his presence on the scene Makarevich - The first reason:. The impact of alcohol on the human akin to affects us good literature -warms the soul, it excites the mind and makes us better for a while. ""And the second reason, it seems to me, is that, judging by the intensity of restrictions on alcohol, next time we will not be able to meet this award with glasses in their hands," - said Garber.

Nominations "Mentally together," according to the organizers, in spirit consistent with moonshine and vodka.In the company of Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin (Tale "Liberal") and Andrei Platonov ( "Doubting Makar") was the author of the acclaimed novel "Okolonolya", "Mr. X" Nathan Dubovitsky ( "Machine and the Great or Dublin Simplification").Defeated Andrei Platonov.In the absence of the winner had to drink Makarevich and Garber, however, not moonshine and elite cognac.

presence of contemporary nomination for the Russian classics of secular columnist explained Andrei Kolesnikov: "Reach Dubovitskij hand as unrealistic as to Platonov and Saltykov-Shedrina, other are not, and Dubovitsky - a figure mythical According to the degree of remoteness of these authors, we as well.rather we did not, and Internet voting, Dubovitskij included in the short list. "

Youth category "Pionetskaya. Chicks Pioneer Network" consistent beer.The prize - a bicycle - went to the young writer Sergei Kumysh, whose story "How do children" was published on the website "Russian pioneer".In the "Classic XXI century. The story continues," was awarded the writer Alexey Varlamov for the story "Sig".In honor of the victory, before you sit behind the wheel of a bicycle, Varlamov had a drink with the leading whiskey.

"To me this award reminded those early years, when I was a pioneer, a bike ride in the country and listened to the music of Andrei Makarevich," - said Varlamov.

nomination. "Direct speech confessional short prose" competed columnists Magazine - actor and writer Ivan Okhlobystin ( "As I was a billionaire"), chief editor of the magazine SNC Ksenia Sobchak ( "Papa, I love you"), radio broadcaster Sofiko Shevardnadze ("E. + H.") and founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange ( "Washington vs mankind").Due to the presence of ladies' confessional prose "tied up with champagne.Bicycling got Ksenia Sobchak.Ivan Ohlobystina awarded consolation special prize - a bottle of high-end skate.

"Take a bike too!"- Fit of generosity Kolesnikov.

nomination "Poetry of the XXI century. Poetry www era."winner was not present at the ceremony of Boris Grebenshchikov.Makarevich recalled the long history of their libations with Grebenshchikov:

"I am delighted that the award was Boris I remember once I was covered." Vodka "table, came Boris and asks whether there have champagne me And then Grebenshchikov has decided that now is great.collection will port, then something else. All this continued until the morning, and then we both left for sober business. But no one else to drink so I do not advise, only with Grebenshchikov ".

Grand Prix "Russian pioneer" was languishing in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Julian Assange.

"We all thought, who should get the Grand Prix, not to offend anyone - said Kolesnikov -. All winners - people nonrandom selection of this man." Closed "in the embassy, ​​just one will not hurt."Winners unanimously not offended.

"In addition to the awards this week at the CCH" October ", the premiere film almanac" Happy New Year, Mom! ", Which was visited by French actor Alain Delon. The famous actor played a cameo role in one of the stories of the film. Delon did not stay on the red carpet,immediately proceeded to the indoor of the press restaurant "Porto Cervo" second theater floor His example was followed by the Russian actor, starring in the film:. Konstantin Kryukov, Yekaterina Klimova, Ekaterina Vilkova, Pavel Volya and Irina Rozanova, who played with Delon in the novel "See Parisand .... "Meet with Alain Delon came to the actress Natalia Belokhvostikova. 32 years ago artists starred in the Russian film Vladimir Naumov" Teheran-43 ".

at the scene Alain Delon left arm with his partner Irina Rozanova." I am very happy herebe, - said Alain Delon.- Yesterday I saw a movie at the premiere in Yerevan, and I am sure that you will not regret coming to see it.All actors - simply stunning.My part in the film is minimal, but I was lucky to get acquainted with Irina and play along with it ".

In the story" See Paris and ... "Mr Delon played the role himself. On a plot of the novel, a teacher of the French language (Irina Rozanova) in the provincial schooldreams to visit Paris Son (Paul Will) makes the mother a gift in Paris, it will be a surprise: a meeting with yourself Alain Delon almanac "Happy New year, mom!", which includes five short stories - a continuation of last year's almanac, "mom," but...with new stories and characters.

Stay "Moms", a secular columnist went to the restaurant "Papa" to the party "Conquerors of ice", dedicated to the people for whom the cold and ice, it is not "the horror, the horror", but an integral part of life.The event was attended skater Maria Butyrskaya, Anastasia Grebenkina, honored master of sports, a seven-time world champion in motorcycling on Sergey Tarabanko ice, vice president of International mountaineering Committee Yuri Baykovsky people to ice innocence: a member of the Russian Geographical Society, captain of the yacht "Apostol Andrey" NikolaiLitau singer Lada Dance and her colleague Prokhor Chaliapin, parodist Alexander Peskov, as well as actor and bodybuilder Alexander Nevsky - the namesake of the Russian prince, from which began 770 years ago on lake Peipsi history of the Russian conquest of the ice.

"Last year was a jubilee on the" ice "date, - commented on the event producer Alexander Izotov -. In 2012, the 100th anniversary of the expedition of Georgy Sedov to the North Pole, the 75th anniversary of the start of the first in the world of science. and Research drifting station "North pole-1" Again, 40 years ago, in 1972, appeared in the figure skating pair, conquered the whole world - Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev. "

guests were shown a video installation "Ice Very Special", dedicated to the achievements of the present guests.Speech by Maria Butyrskaya and turns on the ice on a motorcycle legendary Sergei Tarabanko present accompanied by applause."Yes, I have the old" - embarrassed Tarabanko.

The musical part of the evening the guests in for a surprise - unexpected duet performance of the former "Night snipers" Svetlana Surganova and singer Shura.Piercing lyrical song "Prayer" made the public furor.Guests required to continue, but the musicians in a hurry on the airwaves.

On Saturday, December 22, at 15.00 in the shopping mall VEGAS set a new world record - the best confectioners will make the capital of the most extensive in the world of honey cake in the form of the Star of Bethlehem.Giant treat a diameter of 5 meters and weighing about a ton will be personally measured and weighed the chief editor of the Russian edition of Guinness World Records Alexei Svistunov.

Wednesday, December 26, at the cinema "Formula Kino City" will premiere the film "Gentlemen of Fortune."Gathering of visitors at 20.00.

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