Forest fires are selected to homes

in the Arkhangelsk region and some areas of the Komi Republic, which was established in heat waves, forest fires are raging.In these regions, introduced state of emergency, said the head of the Federal Forestry Agency Viktor Maslyakova.At the same time, in the Volgograd region due to a forest fire to evacuate villagers.

in the Arkhangelsk region in recent days was beaten temperature record of 80 years ago.On its territory there are 14 large and more than 84 small-scale forest fires and smoke in the city.Since the beginning of summer in the region burned down 14.4 thousand. Ha of forest, that is already more than last year (about 14 thousand. Ha).Governor Ilya Mikhalchuk said in an interview with First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, "such violence of elements arhangeltsy did not know in 1972".

The official said that the fire spread with incredible speed in the danger zone are eight settlements, 626 buildings, which are home to more than two thousand people.The largest cities of the region, Arkhan

gelsk and Severodvinsk, were shrouded in acrid smoke of forest fires

visibility on the road is extremely limited

the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeded the norm by 1.8 times.Forecasters suggest a possible change in the weather for Thursday: the north-east wind will weaken the heat and may bring light rain.

In the Komi Republic the situation is less complicated, but the risk of new fires and the spread of fire is very high.Abnormally hot here broke the record in 1936 - then the temperature was 1.3 degrees lower.The country has recorded 58 seats of fire with a total area of ​​more than three thousand. Ha, said the spokesman of the regional emergency department.The smoke of burning peat bogs and crept to the capital of the region - Syktyvkar shrouded in mist, held a smell of burning.Forecasters predict that the heat will subside gradually, and by the weekend the temperature in Syktyvkar drops to 22-25 degrees.At the same time, there may be thunderstorms and strong winds that will only intensify wildfires.

In the Vologda region registered 12 forest fires, but one of them the fire has crept to the locality: MOE staff evacuated 60 residents of the village Stone Buerak."Now they are taken to a safe distance from the fire, and will be available on time in the four schools of Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd" - quoted by RIA "Novosti" representative office.According to him, the fire threatened 27 homes.

Forest fires on the territory of Gorodishchenskoye forest area, 1.5 km away.from the village, a few hours increased from 2.5 to 20 hectares.Later it was reported that burns 40 hectares of forest, but then it was denied and it was reported the press service of the Southern Regional Emergency Center, next to the village burning 10 hectares of grass.This is the first in this year's riding wildfire, because of which people had to be evacuated.

As RBC reports, the fire stopped 500 meters from the village, as the wind began to blow in the opposite direction.However, according to RIA "Novosti", it is at such a distance from the village to stop the elemental forces managed to MOE."Now the fire is moving towards another village -. Kotluban, which is located 20 kilometers more settlements nearby there", - quotes agency representative office.

At this point, according to Ministry of Emergency Situations of information in Russia recorded 206 forest and peat fires a total area of ​​over 11 thousand. Ha, including 19 major areas to 6.78 thousand. Ha in Yakutia, Komi, Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions.The most difficult situation is emerging in Yakutia, Komi, Khabarovsk and Arkhangelsk region.