Skin Care before and after the cleaning person in the cabin

Deciding to make a professional cleansing of the skin, you should listen carefully to the advice to prepare for the session, as well-organized skin care before and after the cleaning person in the cabin - the key to the effectiveness of the procedures and long-term preservation of its results.Give the face a perfect view without a thorough and regular cleansing is hardly possible.This applies particularly to oily and combination skin, the pores of which expanded rapidly "absorb" pollution and secrete excess sebum.hold a full clean is very difficult at home, so in addition to the existing surface treatments recommended to exfoliate the skin and refresh the professional methods.

Why is it so important preparation for skin cleansing?

Pretreatment person to a session of beauty essential for any skin type.If you neglect the simple rules of procedure at the time of tissue can be injured, and the damage on the ground formed scars and inflammation foci.Proper skin care to provide a clean disclosure of lon

g removal of comedones easily accessible and dirt, smooth out the bumps.In addition, some salon techniques (eg, acid peels) may desiccate the skin, so it is best to feed its useful components before the session.

We give a brief description of the main types of cleaning as a vivid illustration of what we are preparing the skin.

Types of professional cleaning person

outer layer of the skin is constantly updated by separating dead cells.If not removed, these cells are broken processes nourish the skin and supply it with oxygen layers, which is not the best way affects the appearance of the face.Therefore, in addition to home care once in 2-3 months (for oily skin - 2 times a month) it is necessary to conduct interior cleaning, which is properly exfoliate dead skin particles, it contributes to a better penetration of useful substances in cosmetics.Specialist will select the type of procedure, based on the skin type.

cleaning person in the cabin can be of the following varieties:

1. Manual (mechanical) or use brushes.Suitable for all skin types, but mostly - for owners of oily and combination skin with plenty of comedones.Manual exposure - the most effective for the removal of comedones and deep ulcers.

2. Hardware .This includes ultrasonic peeling, ideal for people with dry and normal skin.It provides a gentle massage, cleansing pores and stimulate lymph flow.Another way to influence hardware - vacuum cleaning.Recommended for oily, problem skin, as well it removes excess sebum, improves metabolism, reduces pore size.Desincrustation using electrical current - is another way to give your skin a radiant appearance, inclined to fat content, with traffic jams and pollution.

3. Chemical .Superficial chemical peels would be an excellent solution to return the beauty of aging skin, because it promotes uniform peeling of the top layer of cells, thereby not only shines the complexion, but also reduces wrinkles.

Skincare before cleaning

Typically, the cost of facial cleansing procedure includes all activities to prepare the skin.At home, you can perform the recommendations given below for 1-3 days, so that the effect of the session was even higher.This is especially true of the forthcoming dry cleaning, dries the skin.So, facials may include:

1. Makeup removal and thorough cleansing with the help of funds from the soft abrasive particles, such as scrubs or scrub with jojoba beads.

2. Masks Facial cleansing.Of the available products is preparing oatmeal mask: 1 tablespoon.a spoonful of cereal pour 2 tbsp.spoonfuls of hot milk, cool tool, add a spoonful of honey, applied to the skin.After 20 minutes wash.

3. Toning face.In the morning and in the evening before cleaning Wipe skin tonic or infusion of chamomile, calendula, rosewater, cucumber juice.

4. Owners of dry skin brushing to better fulfill nourishing mask, for example, from egg yolk.Mix and beat 1 egg yolk, 1 h. Spoon of cream and honey, stand on the skin 25 minutes, rinse.

5. Immediately before the session wizard will make the skin steaming (not required for ultrasonic cleaning) using a special mask, paraffin or steam inhalation with decoctions of herbs.After steaming beautician will treat the skin with an antiseptic (if you plan to mechanical or vacuum cleaning).

Skin Care after cleaning

On the day when the cleaning has been performed, you should not wash using aggressive means.It is best to use a mild lotion or foam for the face.After 1-2 days, you can use ordinary creams.Ideally, if their composition will help to moisturize, protect the skin, and has antioxidant properties.

can not forget about UV filters, which during the summer simply cleaning must be present in cosmetics.

forbidden to use scrubs or mechanically disconnected scaly particles: eventually they will disappear on their own.If there is no pronounced inflammation, you can make a mask - nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing.In the presence of micro should use antiseptic solutions for wiping the face and apply a cold compress.Wash better decoction of herbs (sage, calendula), or to add water apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon per liter).

Shoe activates metabolism and blood circulation, so after it comes the best time for the most effective facial.Useful mask is recommended after cleansing for dry skin: Mix a spoonful of olive oil and beaten egg white, put on 15 minutes.The mask tightens pores and at the same time nourishes the tissue.

Remove peeling, redness and skin nasyt nutrients help mask from 0.5 h. Tablespoons of parsley juice, 1 tbsp.tablespoons fat sour cream.For the same purpose can be applied to the face and finely grated raw potato pulp or melon, watermelon, cucumber.

If you observe all the tips, salon facial cleansing will take place with the maximum comfort and will bring excellent results, and the effect of the procedure will be for a long time to please the eye!