Arab beauty secrets

Arab beauty secrets - masks, scrubs and wraps made from natural products that are available and to Russians.Detailed recipes miracle cures are time-tested, and the result is appreciated by millions of men!

Arab recipes for facial beauty

Mask of clay and turmeric: 2 tbspclay (can be bought in any store cosmetics or pharmacy) + 1/4 tspturmeric.Stir clay and turmeric, adding a mixture of no more than 1 tbspwater, and a couple of drops of lavender oil.The mixture should be thick, so as not to drip down from the face during application.Facial mask holding not more than 20 minutes, sufficiently rinsed first with warm and then cold water.

Apricot and milk mask: knead two apricot peeled, and the resulting slurry mixed with 2 tbspsour milk.Hold for 20 minutes on the face.Washed off with warm water.This is a good recipe for normal / combination skin.

Persimmon and curd: 1 tbspcottage cheese + 1 tablespoonfat yogurt, stir and add the pulp of persimmon.Add persimmon so much that, after mixing, yo

u get a tight, dense mix.Keep it on the face for 20 minutes.Sensitive skin is especially overjoyed that mask!

To cleanse the face: 1 tsp1 tsp turmeric +liquid honey.Mask action time - about 15 minutes.

Mask of mandarins: grind tangerine peel and mix it with 1 tspfat sour cream and 1 egg yolk.Hold 15 or 20 minutes.You can also make a compress from the juice of mandarins.To do this you will need a gauze or a medical bandage, which should soak the juice.Putting on the face, leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes.

All masks are applied with light movements, without rubbing the skin, as well as avoiding the areas around the eyes.

Arab secrets

beautiful body Rice and coffee scrub: coffee beans and milled rice cereal (for this fit grinder) in equal amounts - half a cup each product.The resulting granules scrub the future "refuel" yogurt.So you can pamper scrub and face.

Olive oil in favor of women in many countries.Arab beauty is no exception.According to their rules, you should apply the oil on the body, gently massaging especially dry or rough patches.Give your skin time to absorb oil - about 10-15 minutes.After - take a traditional bath.

Bath Rose: 500 grams of olive oil to fill 400 g of rose petals.Do this with a lid containers, as to the direct use of the mixture should insist for a week!Ready infusion is filtered and added to water at each bathing 3 tablespoons

To cleanse and combat cellulite: milled coffee (you can take a rest in the midst of the pot, but more efficient use of coffee without heat treatment) + sea salt + cinnamon + turmeric + olive oil (1 tablespoon is enough).

Arab beauties saw particularly valuable properties persimmon , so this product is often present in their recipes of youth and health of the body.

For example, popular decoction of the leaves of persimmon: 1 tspdried persimmon leaves brewed 2 liters of boiling water.10 minutes - the broth is ready!It add honey to taste and enjoy drinking one cup small sips.And for such a body should use an infusion of dried leaves: 1 liter of boiling water - 1 cup of leaves, insist 5-10 minutes.Ready infusion added to the bath, which take from 20 to 30 minutes.The main thing, after taking a bath is not rinsed with plain water and immediately wet skin with a towel.

Hair Beauty in Arabic

against greasy: 1 tbspmustard on 2 liters of warm water.The solution rinse hair after washing.

mask based on henna: colorless henna + low-fat cottage cheese + 1 egg.The amount of henna and cheese depends on the length of hair, but the packaging henna 250 g supposed to add a packet of cheese, weighing about 150g This mask hold hour wrapped film head / shower cap and cover with a towel.

washed off the mask for a long time, but we suffer for the result!For simple washing using warm water without using shampoo.

Against dull colors: 1/2 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons +squeezed lemon juice + 1 cup of liquid honey.Stir, insist night.The mask is applied to the still unwashed hair and a couple of hours kept under wrap and towel.After a traditional wash your hair.The treatment is suitable for dry hair.

This article contains the most obscure, secret oriental recipes.One has only to add that in the pursuit of the beauty of oriental and do not forget about the basic use of essential oils!A couple of drops of oil should be added to the hair balm - it will give full recharge weak, lifeless hair.