How to get rid of the wen on the face and body

wen on the face and body - is not just a flaw of appearance.Sometimes their appearance warns of dysfunction in certain organs and systems.

If you close your eyes to the aesthetic appearance, the small size of lipomas do not cause any discomfort.But if the size of the oil lamp more than 1.5 cm and its growth continues, then in this case it is necessary to think about how to remove a lipoma.

"wen on the face and body is most often perceived as a cosmetic defect Wen large, sprawling require removal.."

Wen - what is it?

Wen (lipoma) - subcutaneous tumor is benign nature.localization - face and body with reserves of subcutaneous fat.

Statistics confirm that most of talc are formed on the face (eyelids and infraorbital region), neck and head.Determine that you have a wen, not anything else just: lipoma (subcutaneous visible seal) is mobile and moves easily under the fingers without causing pain.

Causes Wen

Before wondering how to get rid of Wen, it is necessary to understand their causes.the occu

rrence of lipomas are often linked to a way of life, far from perfect (poor diet, bad habits, inactivity), but this is unproven facts.Doctors are of the opinion that the main causes of fatty tumors are most often the following:

  • failure of the liver and kidneys - organs responsible for the timely removal of toxic substances from our body;
  • endocrine disorders (diseases) - such as diabetes;
  • personal hygiene, or rather, lack of them, leading to blockage of the sebaceous glands;
  • heredity.

methods of getting rid of Wen


goodbye to wen on the body to help special preparations, which are introduced through a puncture and have properties dissolve lipoma.Usually it takes about 2-3 months.If the drug had no effect, resorting to more drastic intervention.


is used when it is necessary to remove the talc on the face, the size exceeding 3 cm

Endoscopy -. Performed under local anesthesia, does not leave scars.

laser Burning - also goes by without visible effects (scars, scars) to the skin.

Puncture aspiration plus - is pumping and puncture needle through the thick subcutaneous fat accumulations.Low-impact manner.Minus - wen not always be removed without residue.

Folk remedies to combat Wen

leaves of Kalanchoe

Fresh leaves are cut along the pulp and applied to the site of Wen localization.Is fixed to the skin with an adhesive plaster.Daily procedure is carried out to obtain the expected results - decrease (extinction) Wen.

Soap plus onions

Baked onion is passed through a meat grinder and mixed with grated soap.The resulting mixture is applied to the lipoma, a gauze bandage fixed.The frequency of application - three times per day to achieve the result.

Honey and sour cream compresses

Sour cream, honey and salt together in a ratio of one to one.Apply to the problem area, close the gauze.To be most effective mixture should be applied daily to the skin steaming.

Oil-alcoholic solution

vegetable (sunflower) oil, coupled with vodka in equal proportions.The mixture is applied on a daily basis wen under plastic wrap, wrap a scarf is fixed.


watercress juice (2 tbsp. L.), Plus the butter (50 g).Moderate layer cover an area of ​​Wen.


Cut sheet with remote prickles fixed plaster pulp to Wen.The specifics of the application - on a daily basis at night, before Wen disclosure.

Burning compress

Red pepper - 5 g (.. H L) is placed on gauze moistened with alcohol (vodka) and applied to the lipoma.After the procedure (lasts 10 minutes), the skin is rinsed with warm water.

specific application - three times a day, the duration - 21 days.

Liniment (ointment) Vishnevsky

wen patching plaster for 2-3 days, with the application of ointment on it.After this period, the bandage is changed to fresh.Minus - persistent unpleasant odor.


paste of chewed grain daily wen superimposed on a gauze bandage plus top closes with cling film.

Salo with garlic

of these ingredients in a ratio of 2 to 1 is preparing to beef, which was then heated for 10 minutes on low heat.Ostuzhennoy mass every day (at night) is applied to the skin, the affected lipoma, a cabbage leaf.Compress fixed scarf.