Blue clay : the properties , the use of masks

Blue clay - property masks the main component of this natural mineral is widely used in the beauty industry.Clay masks have a wide range of effects, helping to solve the many dermatological problems and take care of the hair.

clay to achieve greater effect, better not to breed in water, and herbal teas or mineral water.Rinse with a clay mask only water is allowed, lubricating the skin after the procedure moisturizers.Mix ingredients exclusively wooden spatula (it can fulfill the role of an ordinary pencil).

Properties blue clay

  • Natural antiseptic - treat dermatitis, eczema.
  • used for poultices for rheumatism, arthritis and other joint pain.
  • Blue clay cellulite and inveterate stretch marks - is capable to quickly restore skin turgor even in advanced cases.
  • strengthens hair roots, stimulates growth, prevents dandruff.
  • whitening effect of blue clay - helps to get rid of freckles.

Blue clay Face

At the time of the procedure, follow the facial muscles - not grimace - a mask of blue clay face mu

st harden one even layer without cracks.Quick result is achieved when the frequency of application - 2-3 times a week.Some recipes are suitable for everyday use.

Apple-mineral - grated apple (1 pc.) Blue clay (2 tbsp..), Lemon juice (tbsp..).To sustain in the face for 30-40 minutes, rinse with hot water.Suitable for dry, loose skin.

moisturizing and cleansing - 2 tbsp.l.clay plus any cosmetic oils (olive, peach, pink).Apply half an hour on the problem area.

pores - clay, diluted to the consistency of sour cream, one egg, 5 g (tsp.). Lemon juice.Waiting time - 20 minutes.

mask Cleopatra with moisturizing effect.Clay diluted with milk (ratio of 1 to 2).Superimposed on 20-30 minutes a thin layer.Suitable for daily use.

mask that improves skin turgor - clay plus mineral water (ratio of 1 to 2).Thick layer applied for 40 minutes to bypass zones around the eyes and lips.

Masks should not be applied to open sores and during acute inflammatory processes in which the surface epithelium is involved.

Blue clay body

Procedures blue clay (wraps, masks) are conducted on skrabirovannoe body, which, after applying the mask wrapped up in plastic wrap and warm clothes.You can and should actively move (dance).The effect is noticeable after 10-12 sessions (each duration from 30 minutes to an hour - guided by their feelings), held at intervals of 2 to 4 days.

Anti-cellulite mask - Clay (5 tbsp..), Mustard powder (4 tbsp..), Warm mineral water (100 ml).Apply a light massage on problem areas of the skin.

wrapping blue clay from the stretch - coffee grounds (200 g), clay (70 g or 7 tbsp..), Egg yolk, cinnamon oil (2 tbsp..).

Cream and honey wrap - clay dilution with water, cream, honey - the ratio of 3: 1: 1 is applied on the hot body.

mask with a warming effect - Clay (3 tbsp..), Diluted to the consistency of sour cream, cinnamon (tbsp..), A couple of drops of aroma oils.

can not do blue clay wraps for pregnant body with varicose veins and the presence of malignant tumors, gynecological diseases.

Blue clay hair

blue clay is suitable for all hair types.Natural clay adsorbent quickly absorbs dirt and toxins from the surface of the hair, restores damaged hair structure.

hair before applying a clay mask should be clean and wet.For deep penetration of nutrients color creates a warm "cocoon" of food films and caps.As a final touch, the procedure to clean hair is recommended to apply the balm.

Mask 1

hair type - oily.Clay is diluted to the consistency of sour cream is applied to the quarter of an hour on the entire length of hair, plus carefully rubbed into the roots.

Mask 2

hair type - normal, dry.Clay whipped yolk plus plus plus soft butter lemon juice plus honey - the amount of each component - a teaspoon.If the output is too liquid mixture, add more clay.It strengthens and stimulates hair growth.Driving Applications - once a week.

Mask 3

Clay (3 tbsp.). Plus decoction of nettles (chamomile) plus apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp..) Plus egg yolk - the number of herbal decoction regulated density mask (to be as sour cream).Aged for about an hour.Effect - shiny hair, clean (no dandruff), scalp.