Squeeze the pimple right : step by step instructions

girls rarely stop warning cosmetologists not squeeze pimples yourself.Therefore, if we do it, then do it right.

Observing precautions, you will protect yourself from the possibility to bring an infection, leaving spots or scars on the skin.Recommended to attend not only the decision of external flaws in the form of "urgent" acne, but also identify the causes of their appearance.

This article gives advice for those who have pimples are rare. Strongly recommended to get rid of pimples on their own, if you have acne there!

How to squeeze a pimple correctly

The first thing to do - to determine the safety and the relevance of the event. Check whether the spot matured.To do this, gently Feel yourself a pimple and the skin next to it.If you experience pain, even if it is very light, squeeze a pimple early.

Trying to squeeze pimples is not ripe, you can only worsen the inflammatory process, drive the infection deeper into the skin and in addition leave visible scars.Solve the problem of painful pimple

s, as well as closed comedones, or whitehead, will only beautician uses special sterile instruments.At home, you can use Bazeronom or iodine - lubricated by these means a pimple, it is likely that the infection is eliminated from inside the pimple and deflate.

"Safe for extrusion is considered to be a spot with well-translucent white pus under the skin by touching it, the pain is not felt.."

Prior to the home procedure, prepare all the necessary: ​​ disinfectant (alcohol, chlorhexidine, tincture of calendula), iodine, bandages orrubber fingertips, cotton pads, cotton buds.

Disinfect your hands, place of acne, the skin next to the pimple.On two fingers, which will put pressure, put on fingertips (or wrap a bandage fingers).It will not bring an infection in an open wound, and will prevent involuntary slip of fingers during the procedure.

placing your fingers on two opposite sides of the pimple, start to press.Please do pressing downwards, then - up .On squeezing the pimple you have one or two attempts.For this mature enough pimple.Trying again and again to "finish" a pimple, you risk making matters worse.

If in the process of extruding you feel pain, proceed with the pimple as recommended above (about not mature pimples).

indicator of the success of the procedure will yield pus, followed - drops of ichor (clear liquid) and blood.

Prizhgite wound with alcohol (iodine is not only!).Of course, the sanitizer will pinch.

better to squeeze pimples in the evening, so as not to injure the wound by applying makeup and give her a good dry.On the morning of vote result.When a pimple is completely eliminated from it is only a tiny, barely visible sore that will soon disappear.But sometimes, under the crust of the newly visible pus.In the latter case the extrusion process may be repeated.

"Crust-sores formed after squeezing a pimple, rip forbidden! This is a direct path to the formation of scars, dimples on the skin."


skin damaged area Always take care of the regeneration of the skin.Special tools help not only faster to tighten the wound, but also to fully restore the density of the damaged dermis.

"Untreated wound 70% becomes dimpled-scar."

To restore the recommended use: ointment "Levomekol" ointment "Aktovegin" cream "Bepanten" ointment "Radevit", "Panthenol" cream or spray.

Reducing ointments, creams or spray applied only to the dried alcohol or calendula tincture wound - ichor or blood should not ooze.

Prohibited applied to the damaged area rich cream, and even tonalnik powder.You can see the example of the other girls themselves - daubed sores on the skin look much worse than just a dried brown.Even if you have a make-up gift, you still have time to wash makeup, and with a tone easily peel the dried crust.So do not take chances - let the skin recover quietly.