Trend 2015 - haircut STEP ( STEP )

star of "The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence recently made STEP cut (shag).

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This layered hairstyle - a longtime favorite of top models, has stood the test of time for several reasons, not least of which is that the hairstyle should look disheveled and somewhat unkempt.In other words, this is the perfect hairstyle for the lazy girl!

This season STEP hair cut shoulder-length with bangs covering his eyebrows.And it seems that almost every actress or model wants to try it out.Stylist Barber celebrities Mark Townsend called it "a modern stepĀ» (modern shag), and the final onions called "textured, piecey, sexy."Three of the most desirable adjectives that any girl would like to describe my hair.

Next you will see six it-girls with this trend hairstyle, each of which - in their own style.

Dakota Johnson

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version hairstyle Dakota - with bangs to her eyebrows, parted in the middle split.(Mark Townsend honor is responsible for this chic reception with

a bang).To create texturing need to use wax for styling average fixing, pre-heating it in your hands, then apply a light shrug movements on dry hair.

Michelle Williams

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Michelle recently added bangs to his short haircut, it is ideal.Texturizing spray will help to create the effect of light on a messy head of hair thin hair.

Alexa Chung

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Alex for many years is a living advertisement of this style, and no list of the most fashionable girls would not be complete without it.

Sienna Miller

famous actress Sienna Miller put her hair with soft waves, so that the trend haircut step in a restrained style worthy of even the red carpet.


Photo: Getty / Venturelli

If you prefer a smooth straight hair, do not give up modern shag!Chiara has proven that this haircut looks as good and straight hair with a slightly curved inside tips.

Mika Arganaraz

Photo: Getty / Andrew Toth

Muse Prada Mika Arganaraz demonstrated that Step is suitable for curly hair!Apply a small amount of styling products to damp hair with light movement shakes to add shine and clarity of curls.