Is bra for you?It is interesting to know

Around bra long tense debate.Experts decide the question whether or not it is harmful constant use?There and here is the view.

Research scientists have shown that bra pressure on certain parts of the body leading to pain in the arms, neck and shoulders.

American doctors have concluded that the bra disrupts normal blood flow in the breast area and prevents normal lymphatic drainage, as compresses tissue.As a result, in the mammary gland violated metabolism deteriorates its oxygen supply, accumulated carcinogens.Fabrics, accumulating toxins, can be reborn, becoming a tumor.It has been observed that breast cancer is much less common in countries where local customs do not include wearing a bra.The "civilized" women's likelihood of breast cancer increases by 20 times ...

«How so ?!- Many women cry.- After all, we are used to hearing that the bra prevents the chest from the strain "appears, this legend composed without the involvement of the underwear manufacturers!.In physiological terms, this fact do

es not hold water.Judge for yourself: the breast supporting muscles of the chest, and if they are sufficiently developed, and the chest itself is small, and without a bra, it is hardly out of shape.Even if a sufficiently large amount of breast can safely give up bra.

If the breast over time and loses its shape, the blame should be declining hormone levels.As you can imagine, this process of wearing a bra is not connected.

wear or not to wear a bra, can solve the woman only.After all, in the defense of this part of linen have a lot of arguments: for example, a visual breast enlargement, figure correction ... In the end - elementary habit.

If you are not prepared today to give up this habitual attribute, observe the following guidelines:

1. Do not wear a bra more than 12 hours a day, and in any case does not go to sleep in it.

2. Remove the bra immediately upon returning home.

3. Take regular gentle massage of the breast and wipe it with cool water.

4. Wear a model of natural fibers.

5. Avoid close with bra pads.

6. Discard the everyday wear sports models.

7. How can I rarely wear a bra strapless.