There is nothing worse than a convenient Fade syndrome bra when you wear underwear only to support, to cover up and protect from the cold shared in the same place!Do not assume that a great lingerie exists only for seducing men.Wear underwear you need for yourself, your favorite, it means sexy that a woman hiding under clothes

most important thing is that well-fitting underwear is the foundation that creates or appearance, or spoil it.If you have a bra that no longer supports the breast or strongly peredavlivaet her ugly bumps forming on top, even the most expensive clothes will not look.

How to choose a bra?

We do not wear the same bra for life.Although, judging by the state of some of them, so it is quite possible to think.Usually bra is three to six months, depending on how often you put on it and how often to erase.

Keep in mind that the size of your bust stays the same - it changes with the passage of years, and even for such things as birth control pills, after a significant weight loss, or

after birth.That is why it is so important obmeryat himself either alone or seek the help of professionals about once every six months.

As obmeryat themselves.

Wearing a bra, attach a measuring tape tightly around the chest just under the breasts and measure the volume.This will be your bra size.If the figure turned odd, you can choose a bra or tighter - less than one digit, or freer - one more.Now

cups size: obmeryayte bust so that the measuring tape held on the blades and nipples.The difference between the two measurements will be the cup size.A difference is the size of one inch (2.4 cm) and two inches (4.8 cm) - The size of three inches (7.3 cm) - size of C, and so on.

suitable to your bra?Please be wisdom, become an expert in bras.Remember, perfect bra with luxurious dress gives the impression of "to die - do not get up!"

Here are the basic tips on selection of bra:

• The central part of the bra should be on the hollow between her breasts.

• The breast must fit into the cup.The mounds over a cup and a hands spoil the whole look.

• The bra should sit tight, but not tight.Fastens with a medium fastener hooks.

• With the right choice you can easily pushes its finger under the bra in front and behind.

• If the membrane on the back is lifted up, it means that the bra is great.

• Straps should not crash into the shoulders, you should easily stick two fingers under them.And adjust their length, so that they will not fall.

• Cups should not move to the center of the chest or side.Valley between her breasts should be natural.

• In areas under the hands of the bra should not crash into the body, it should be smooth.

• Bones must not over-tighten the chest and completely repeated semicircles under the breast.

types of bras

• With silicone back membrane: suitable for open dresses with drawstrings at the neck.

• sticks cup: closes the nipples, and you can walk without a bra.

• With detachable straps: you can wear strapless.

• minimizer: for women with magnificent breasts that do not want to attract attention to your bust.

• Open: open bra much for clothes with great cleavage.

• lifts: lining in cups under the breast lift small breasts.

• With soft cups: these bras are no seeds, so they are only suitable to adolescents.

• T-shirt: solid bra with seamless cups double-layered, so as not to be visible nipples.

• Seamless: no seams on the cups, and so this bra is invisible under clothing.

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