Rusty braid to her waist : how to improve the hair growth

you want to change a modest cut in the luxurious hair to the waist?If you do not have problems with hair growth, it is easy to grow healthy hair, lay, and for such a simple hair care.Thick and shiny hair, moreover, say that you do not have health problems.But what about those who can not boast of beautiful curls?

reasons for slow growth of hair

One of the main reasons for slow hair growth - the inability of the body to ensure the scalp nutrients.The most effective is considered the transfer of nutrient blood flow, so do not neglect the various multivitamins and bio-additives, active substances of which are released into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.For normal hair growth are needed: calcium, chromium, copper, manganese, iodine, iron, magnesium, silicon, selenium, sulfur, and zinc.

beneficial effect on hair growth have a different oil, because oil contains a large amount of fatty acids necessary for the body.Oil well absorbed into the scalp and restores hair roots, improves blood ci

rculation and stimulates hair growth.

Often, hair growth slows down due to the poor care of them, sluggish blood circulation, as well as the use or improper care products and styling techniques.For example, the more often you are experiencing stress, the slower the growth of hair.Another example is the sebum, bacteria and mud wrap roots and prevent them from breathing, which also results in slower hair growth.

Herbs for hair growth

There are a variety of natural hair growth stimulants.

Rosemary - one that improves the structure and hair growth.

- Mix the water, the infusion of rosemary and shampoo in equal proportions (1: 1: 1).The resulting mixture rinse your hair.Rosemary helps to open blocked pores of the scalp.

- With rosemary can brew tea, it not only promotes hair growth, but also very useful for the overall tone of the body.

improve scalp circulation and, accordingly, the growth of hair, self-massage can help .Try to devote a head massage at least 10 minutes every day.Push the Power of olive oil with castor oil and coconut.Heat the resulting mixture.Apply on the hair roots and gently massage them with your fingers.

for beauty and hair growth drink plenty of milk, eat brussels sprouts, fruits and vegetables.