Classification lingerie

you want to learn to understand and correctly in lingerie?Then you will be useful to get acquainted with the existing classification of lingerie, which currently exists in the Russian market.

clear that all sections of the classification are unlikely to need to know the lay people - that is, ordinary shoppers, so of them we only mention.

All linen is divided into two classes - lingerie and underwear cosmetic treatment and prevention.Divisions are also divided into two positions: orthopedic underwear and underwear.

But, with regard to species and subspecies, the knowledge of these sections may be of interest to many ladies.Type - this is actually the whole range that exists at the present time and to the subspecies include various modifications clothes and accessories.In addition, all products are divided into men's, women's and children's underwear, as well as age.

As regards the categories of lingerie, then there are marked two positions.First - nekorsetnyh products and homewear include various ind

oor clothing: dresses, pants, tops and T-shirts and shirts, combinations and petticoats.

to the largest category of lingerie, the so-called category of corsetry or waistband products include: all kinds and forms of bras, belts, including belt-panties, corsets and polukorsety, Grace, including Grace-shorts andgrace-pants and bra combination, panties, bustiers and body, all kinds of swimwear.Moreover, in this category, you can highlight a group of bra and waist band.

bra group includes all types of bras, differing in the structure.That is, thanks to correctly chosen design bra, the figure looks tightened, and some of its shortcomings are almost unnoticeable.So


- The first item on the classification of bras can safely assume that the classic bra, which by design has a full indoor bra.Such models can be recommended to the ladies with larger breasts.

- View Bra - Balconette, characterized in that it has a direct or an oval cut-out, which makes it convenient for dresses with a large chest.

- Bras Corbeil have a deep V-neck.

- Bras push-up structurally made so as to allow to lift the chest.These bras are recommended to wear a dress with a plunging neckline.

- Bando usually wear a dress with bare shoulders, so as underwire bra in the form of strips of cloth.

- Extra Long pitched in different bustier bras.

- Recently came into fashion, the so-called kombinett representing bras with underwire, coupled with the combination.

- and still goes out of fashion corset.Once the corset was the forerunner of today's bras, and these days can also be a separate element of the garment.

By lap lingerie group includes briefs, the main types of which are listed below.

- The most common women's panties - thongs and thongs that are behind a thin strip of fabric or lace.These panties prefer to wear the young and slender woman.

- slips Shorts are the most popular and suitable for all types of figures.Slips have a closed structure and a high cut on the thigh.

- Pantaloons pants are full length of the back and low cut on the thigh.In these shorts comfortable to engage in physical culture and sports.

- Knickers - long full-length pants that used to be very popular.

- Bikini, as a kind of women's underwear, have appeared only in the first half of the twentieth century.They are characterized by a low waistline.

- The types of lingerie belt category may include more boxers and shorts.

We have listed the main categories of lingerie, which are the foundation of any collection.Based on this information, it is possible to understand the diversity of bra and panties and choose the model without difficulty, which is best for you.

We would like to call the laundry category called desous-dessus (over-under).It includes items that can be worn as lingerie as well as outerwear.This variety of pajamas, home kits, tops, etc.

To choose the right lingerie, you need to learn how to take measurements with the figure.And this will help you a table recommended by the manufacturer with an indication of the size match.