How to determine the size of the bra cups - instructions , dimensions table

Many women ask themselves this question when choosing underwear.Currently, there are many standards, each manufacturer of underwear sets its size standards.

Statistics show that the majority of women acquire the wrong size bra.Owners of large breasts are trying to reduce it by buying a small size bra.And women who have small breasts, on the contrary, choose a bra with large cups.Due to wrong chosen underwear woman feels uncomfortable, and can cause health problems.It should therefore be very important to choose the right size underwear ..

How to determine the size of the cup for a bra?

To take your measurements you need to prepare a measuring tape and a person who will help you to make the necessary measurements.

- measure the circumference under the breasts.Lift the chest with both hands, and the one who helps you, should conduct a centimeter beneath your breasts.Circumference below the breast to be measured is very tight.The resulting value write down on paper.If the value is between 60-65-70-75-

80, then round it to the nearest standard.For example, if you got the value 63, the round, you get 65. Circumference below the breast conventionally denoted by "X".

- measured chest girth.It is necessary to buy a bra, which you will not only convenient, but also that a well keeps your chest.Your assistant should circle around your chest centimeter is not tight.Centimeter should be parallel to the floor.For example, you have got a value of 94 cm Now, you should take away from the value obtained 10. Get 84 cm mark this value the letter Y.

-.. Calculates.To determine the size of the bra should be of «Y» to deduct «X», and then divide by 2.5.The result is (84-65) / 2.5 = 7.Find 8 letter of the alphabet A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

- Start with trying on a bra should 7G.

presented a method for calculating bra size helps to find just the starting point.So do not completely at 100% rely on this calculation.After all, the formula can not take into account the shape of your breasts, its volume, and more.

Once you have calculated the value obtained by the formula bra, on the following table, you can determine the most appropriate size.

Table 1. DEFINITION bra size

To determine the size of the cups should be of chest circumference (cm) to deduct under the breast girth (cm).In Table 2, a more detailed look at your cup size.


When buying a bra properly, it will not compress the breast in the neck and sides.The tape under the breast should not be much to cut into the skin.

Once you try on a bra, you should look at the situation of the most points entering the chest.They must lie right in the middle between waist and shoulder line.

And, most importantly, the bra should represent your chest in the most favorable light.If the breast is widely planted, you should pull to the center, low - lift, heavy enough - support.At the same time you should feel the full comfort.

Determine the size of your bra is very simple.The presented calculations do not always give 100% results, it is just a reference point by which you can directly select the wrong underwear.If you want to pick up a great bra, then you need to stock up on time and patience to try on all the bras.