Rules for the choice of the ideal women's underwear

Just let you know the one that a modest skirt you today elegant lace body, but this knowledge will automatically make you a winner in the eyes and includes a 'green light' confidence.And what requirements should satisfy women's underwear?There are a few simple rules, without which it is scattered all coherent system of drawing up the perfect lingerie wardrobe.

How to choose lingerie?

1. Buying in the shop underwear, skillfully balancing between "nice" and "useful."Of course, sometimes my head is spinning from what some extravagant pants made of artificial silk, but smart and serious comrades of the World Health Organization stubbornly assert the priority of clothes made of natural fabrics because of the irreplaceable properties of cotton to give the skin respiration, reducing the likelihood of various diseases, inflammations and irritations.

2. Correctly chosen lingerie will never be a "bubble" through clothing, spoiling the big picture.It is unacceptable that through the thin fabric dresses stood ou

t lace bra and panty seams.To successfully address these problems, simply use the kits with the cutting laser and seamless underwear.Also make sure that the laundry just do not pinch the body, forming unsightly folds.The solution to this situation would be competent to define their clothing sizes.

3. In the laundry, too, has its own life.Do not store "School bras" with Stretched straps ( "just in case"), throw away the torn and lost a pants (do not leave them even in the black during the critical days).And to your favorite and expensive things were you last longer, take care of them according to the rules: wash in the delicate washing operation, but rather manually attempt to dry naturally (machine-drying spoils the fine linen).

4. Fashion designers invented models and variations on a variety of costume themes.So, bra Velcro perfectly kept on the body, allowing you to wear luxury evening dress with open back.Bra with straps across the neck was invented for a beautiful dress with American armholes.For those who like to show shoulders bustier dress, created a strapless bra, and special pads on the inner side of bra is very natural to give the volume of your breasts.

5. modern woman, active in sports, especially important to choose a good sport underwear (not to be confused with sports style in clothes).Even for normal charging, and even more so for aerobics, jogging and fitness using a special sports bra has a reinforced supporting effect to protect the connective tissue of the breast stretch marks and micro traumas.

6. And remember, buying undies always need to know the correct size of the upper and lower sets of underwear.Choosing lingerie "by eye" - the most common cause of failed purchases.Table definition bra sizes vary depending on the manufacturer and brand of the country.So do not hesitate, feel free to consult with the seller, ask about your "dimensions" for each specific model and make sure to pre-fitting.