Lingerie Fashion 2015

Fashionable lingerie 2015 - floral patterns, classic black and white, feminine and retro bright colors of sport-style.The colors and decor trendy underwear second main trend this year in clothes and make-up - the maximum femininity combined with comfort.

Lace floristry

Trend on floral ornament ever relevant.Fine lines create a delicate lace outline of fancy colors and emphasize tenderness and sensuality of women.Printed pattern petals of satin thread talking about refined taste holders fashionable lingerie set.

Classic black and white

notable innovations in the collections of underwear in 2015 became white lace kits.Lace ruffles in several layers and delicate lace, translucent profitable all the charm of a female figure, greatly predominate over satin or cotton materials.Such kits provide a truly sexy and not vulgar way.

Black and navy actively exploited not only for the creation of fashionable bra and panties, but also modern bustiers, corsets and body.

recommended to pay special attentio

n to bustier this year.More and more designers include it in their collections and fashion styles of modern clothes make it easy to wear the bustier is not only "the holidays."

Retro style

pants with a high waist popular as ever.This fashion trend is well demonstrated in the new collections and corrective underwear.The modern world will once again recognize curvy shape and thoughtfully offers for their luxury clothing options.Despite the fact that the tango and thong panties are present in the collections of 2015, they have long been no one looks like something trendy.

"Fashion enough" emancipated "to again turn towards the image of woman-riddle, of course, with a modern twist."

Pattern "peasĀ» - another fad in retro style, shown in 2015.The ideal would be a set of underwear in small white polka dots on a black background, complete with delicate white lace.

Glamorous trends

Every woman should be able to surprise, dazzle with their beauty.Trends in the spirit of "The Golden Age of Hollywood" only condones this.Feel free to choose underwear sets, decorated with pearl beads and sequins, imitating precious stones and pendants, chains - for especially brave.

Conquer and commands using your beauty shine!

separate paragraph deserves trend reds and wine shades .In 2015, these colors are not only traditionally embody the passionate emotions, but we are called to warm the cold winter and early spring.

Sport style

Black, white and gray are always at the shows sports underwear.Now this classic colors diluted with bright colors.Fuchsia, blue, turquoise, lemon should raise your energy tone before the regular fitness training.The designers of the leading sports brands give maximum free rein to their imagination in favor of such a popular fitness areas such as jumping, fitness, zumba and ageless step aerobics.

Fashion Tricks

The modern fashion is incredibly appreciated the ability to create sets for the image, emphasizing individuality.Practice this miksuya panties and bras from different sets.It is also a cost-effective option, as well, ideal bra you sometimes hard to find and expensive to buy, unlike the panties.On the basis of two or three bras you can create at least ten new and spectacular sets.

How to choose a new panties bra? effective combination will be red and white, pink and turquoise, blue and white, yellow and blue.What color will the top, and a - down, decide on the basis of a simple rule - dark shades is reduced, light creates the effect of additional volume.Considered problematic beige color, therefore it is better not to experiment, and to wear the "Purchase" kit.And, of course, the safest option - tone in tone.

More important is the right choice of material.If a lacy bra, panties, and then it is desirable to choose mainly of lace.Motif lace pattern should match.Walk in the same analogy, combining items of underwear made of satin.

Valuable information for those who are now "in the search."While waiting for her prince, not yearning at the window, and go for the purchase of a new set of luxurious lingerie.All the way to the store to mentally draw a picture of the future fan.Do not stop dreaming, choosing and trying on clothes.Shop the process and with the mood, as if it was the eve of the appointment.New underwear, charged with positive energy of your desire and unshakable faith in it, be sure to attract love luck on your side.