The main secret of feminine beauty : readers' tips

course, is, first of all I want to note the remarkable truth to say big words about love, about the inner beauty and the fact that the most important beauty secret - is to be yourself!After all, no matter how strange, but every girl using cosmetics, clothes, haute couture, pilings, etc.trying to make a better, more beautiful, more attractive than it actually is!Yes, like all right, but that God created us as we are - without a ton of makeup on her face and a liter of lacquer on the hair!After all, the main thing to realize that you - without the help of gorgeous and Tonalka, powder and blush!What are you, girl, beautiful, because you have such a God created!But let's assume that this all is clear, and this should be present in the default man, so to speak.

"The most important beauty secret - is to be yourself!"

Now I just share with you my good with all sorts of different beauty secrets gathered from everywhere.I for myself have concluded, beauty - it is work !!!So, to work hard ...

Peeling facial

I have a great recipe for peeling face, which once shared with me my friend beautician for a great friendship.It's very cheap, but the result is simply amazing.

buy at the pharmacy sodium chloride (or sodium chloride) in the ampoule (20 rubles), Soap "Glycerine" (about 7 rubles) and ... I do not believe it - that's all we need.Next: pour the contents of the vials in some small bowl, lathering soap clean skin, without going to the areas around the eyes, so that the person was in the suds, and rub in the foam of sodium chloride.Once you have processed the entire face, immediately wash your cold water.Then wipe your face and smear any cream, depending on when you made the cleaning procedure, that is, a day cream or night.

do need cleaning, depending on the degree of contamination of the face, first 2 times a week, then 1 times a week, and then it will be enough 1 time per month.

Face Mask

Yeast mask , I tell you, my dear friends, just effective at 100%.

This mask is suitable for all skin types and all ages.First, wipe the face with lemon juice.Yeast is diluted with water to a pulp and applied to the face, put on top of two layers of cloth and hot towel.After 10 minutes, wash off and wipe the face with ice.The effect is stunning!

Drink for beauty and health

But the secret I had brought from Greece, my friend, for which she thanks a lot.Drink lime juice, it is very useful.In Greece, the juice from the lime drink in the morning, he squeezed in a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of honey - and all this on an empty stomach.This drink - just lovely!He and allergies and acne, and in general good health.Displays all the toxins accumulated in the body during the winter.Juice a little sour, but you can drink.It even helps with the poisoning of food and drinks.

Secret oil

Nails I grease with olive oil in order to strengthen them.And I do eat eggs!Now your nails beautiful and strong!

impose on the hair mask weekly from colorless henna.Hair become thicker and stronger!As well as using almond oil, which is ideal for the care of damaged, dry hair, which are now much in our city.

Did you know that if sunbathing with olive oil, the magnificent beauty of the tan is guaranteed!

Cleopatra bath

And something else from me: you have to feel like a queen and as a king to take care of your body, for example, take the "Cleopatra's Bath".This bath, primarily acts on the skin and less likely cause harm to the internal organs.

Heated 1 liter milk, not bringing it to a boil.In another bowl (for water bath) - a cup of honey.Then dissolve honey milk.Add 2 tablespoons of almond, pink, olive or other vegetable oil.After a bath the skin becomes soft and smooth like Cleopatra.

I wish you good luck, beauty and smiles on your beautiful and happy faces.