Facial Anti-Aging Cream

Youth and beauty have always been the best decoration for any woman, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to keep them forever.However, it is realistic to delay the aging process, time paying due attention to their skin, where the first signs of aging often appear.

A variety of anti-aging creams do not cease to grow, but not all of them are effective and useful for the skin.To get the cream of the desired result, it is necessary to be able to choose and to know the basic rules of this category of creams.In addition, anti-aging cream can be prepared at home using only natural, natural ingredients.

Properties anti-aging cream

Over the years, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness, often dries up and loses its natural glow.Thanks to a special anti-aging cream, you can reduce the number of wrinkles on the skin, and some of them altogether eliminate, restore skin elasticity, moisten it and satisfy the essential nutrients that make up the cream.

"Remember, the sooner you start using anti-aging cream,
the more you will have a chance to keep your skin young and attractive for years to come."

With regular use of anti-aging cream, normalizes the process of production of collagen and elastin, as well as accelerated cell regeneration.Cream helps restore the skin texture, gives it shine and luster, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles and makes the jaw line and neck clearer.

How to Use Anti-Aging Cream

aging process proceeds, each in different ways.Time of occurrence of the first signs of aging depends on the individual and on the skin type.In addition, the cosmetics used can also affect the skin and bring it to delay or decay.It is impossible not to consider genetic and hereditary factors, manifested in the predisposition to premature aging.Time of onset of the time aging of skin at all different, so we can not say with certainty, in what age should begin to use anti-aging cream.

The best option would be to resort to using anti-aging cream as soon as you notice on your face first wrinkles.We must start with the anti-aging cream that protects against decay and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles that appear around the eyes and the mouth.Later, preference should be given to anti-aging creams deeper actions that are not only able to rejuvenate the skin, but also to maintain her health.Remember, the sooner you start using anti-aging cream, the more you will have a chance to keep your skin young and attractive for years to come.

How to choose an anti-aging cream

By choosing anti-aging cream should be approached very responsibly.The first thing you need to pay attention, is its composition.Among the components must be an alpha-hydroxy acid, which promotes the formation of new cells and removes dead.

These creams are usually rich in vitamins, among which a special place is given to vitamins A and D, directly affecting the skin condition.Do not forget also about the type of skin that everyone has his own.Even if the cream will be high quality, but it does not match with your skin type, you can not get the desired effect.

Anti-aging cream at home

Rejuvenating Cream of cocoa prepared as follows.Melt three tablespoons of butter grated grated cocoa to a liquid state, add the teaspoon of beeswax, a few teaspoons of peach butter and the same amount of rose water.All mix thoroughly until smooth, let it cool, then lay out on the finished cream jars and put it in the fridge.

Another very effective anti-aging cream is prepared with the addition of marigold infusion .Pour two tablespoons of calendula flowers one cup of vegetable oil and place a container with liquid in a dark place for seven days.To infusion was more concentrated, it should be shaken daily.Then strain the infusion and mix it with melted beeswax, corn oil and glycerol.Place the cream in a container intended for it and send in the refrigerator.