Exercises for the chest

Exercises for Breast make it taut and beautiful: a little effort and you will be able to once again proud to show in open décolleté dresses and blouses.However, there is one secret here - a comprehensive approach!This means that it is necessary to involve all women's "arsenal»:

• Special complexes of exercises;

• proper diet;

• Mask care decollete;

• creams for tightening.

But if at all possible breast lift without surgery, for plastic surgeons argue quite the opposite?Of course, it is possible!To believe it is enough to consider the structure of the breast.

Female breast where "live" elasticity?

The female breast covers most of the glandular tissue (mammary gland), responsible for milk production.Meanwhile shares gland is fatty tissue, and she was, like, "lying" on the muscles of the chest, fastened to them by connective tissue.Top iron protected skin.

Exercises for breast lift are only valid on the pectoral muscles, which become more resilient and better start to keep the shape.The glandula

r tissue and body fat at the same time remain the same.Lotions and creams are removed wrinkles and stretch marks on the skin of the breast, providing it with elasticity and smartness.A balanced diet helps keep a normal weight, resulting in body fat does not grow, and, consequently, does not draw down the chest, making it slack.

As you can see, with the help of exercises for the chest can only slightly adjust its shape, but change the size from the 1st to the 4th is unlikely to succeed, because the muscles in the prostate itself is not.

set of exercises for the chest

To restore breast shape, repeat these exercises every other day:

1. 16 push-ups.If it is difficult to be wrung from the floor, start with push-ups on the sofa or chair, kneeling.Break the exercise in 2-3 sets.

2. Connect both hands around the chest and forcefully squeeze them.Try to keep all the pectoral muscles are maximally engaged.Zastynte for 10 seconds, then relax.Repeat 16 times.

3. The same, only her hands above her head connect.

4. Take a taut rubber band or a gripper.Stand with your arms extend forward.With the power of drag gum zastynte for 7-8 seconds and slowly return your hands to the starting position.Repeat 16 times.

5. Lie on the floor, hands raskinte around.Palms rest against the floor.With hands gently lift your chest off the floor while inhaling.Exhaling, slowly return to the floor.Repeat 16 times.

6. Continue to lie.Slightly bend your knees.Take dumbbells and lift them up.Slowly breathing, arms out to the side, pause for 10 seconds, and then exhale, connect them again.Control your loins: it all this time has to be pressed to the floor.Repeat 16 times.

7. Stand on the floor: feet shoulder width, the left hand is on his hip.Second hand slowly describe 10 great circles, straining all the muscles of the chest.Repeat for the left hand.If the load seems small for you, you can pick up a dumbbell.

Optionally do all the exercises 16 times in a row.It is possible to reduce the burden by making a few small approaches.Main - regularity!

How to return breasts elasticity

breast lift without surgery - a difficult task, but doable if you follow our recommendations:

• watch posture: it looks nice with a flat back and chest;

• Take a contrast shower, spraying water décolleté bottom-up;

• Wear comfortable bra, picking up their breast size;

• Moisturize the breast skin creams and lotions.Remember: in the neck area and neck is much thinner than in other parts of the body, so greater care needs;

• Do not allow the emergence of excess weight: breast skin stretch and droop;

• massage course or go see how it can do it yourself;

• regularly apply the mask on the chest area, using folk remedies or ready mixture of shops;

• sometimes you can pamper yourself with a steam bath using chamomile broth, lime and oregano.

Take care of your breasts daily ritual, and soon you with love and enthusiasm will look in the mirror!