Dehydrated skin of the face : the signs , care

Dehydrated skin person has symptoms that are visible at a glance.She shelled, prone to redness, shows unsightly furrows of facial wrinkles.

Apply make-up on dehydrated skin is incredibly difficult - even the high-grade base and tonalnik not able to restore the proper hydration of the skin for one second.Therefore, withered skin of the face sometimes looks without make-up is much better than having them as decorative cosmetics in this case only highlights imperfections.

recommend to familiarize with the characteristic symptoms of dehydrated skin, to lead a simple test and select the recipe medical masks.

Dehydration skin: causes and symptoms

Frequent signs of skin dehydration:

1) peeling;

2) feeling of tightness immediately after washing;

3) redness and rashes of various kinds;

4) premature expression of facial wrinkles;

5) skin laxity.

reasons occurrence of dehydration:

1) a vitamin imbalance;

2) dramatic weight loss;

3) smoking;

4) stressful situations;

5) alcohol;

6) frequent presence in the atmosphere of dry air (near a heat radiators, air conditioning, sessions in the solarium);

7) a bad dream;

8) chronic fatigue;

9) hard water;

10) incorrectly picked up cosmetics;

11) intense fitness training that provoke profuse sweating;

12) antibiotics, diuretics and laxatives for a long time.

Submit a problem dehydrated skin will allow elementary test .In the evening, wash with soap and water only (without the use of special foams and lotions).Night creams do not use.If your skin is healthy, it will be able to allocate enough water for the night and the sebaceous secretion for natural adaptation - humidification.Otherwise, in the morning you find flaking, areas of thin skin tightened.

Decision skin dehydration problems

While dehydration problem is not solved, avoid situations and activities that aggravate the skin condition.For example:

1) the use of alcohol-containing cosmetics;

2) the use of soap;

3) applying a "heavy" daily makeup;

4) washing with water from the tap;

5) solarium;

6) on the basis of weight loss diet strictly limited.

Start taking vitamins - E, C, as well as preparations containing zinc and selenium.For daily care cosmetics also give priority to the content of hyaluronic acid, fruit acids.

"strictly observe the rules of use of creams:. In the morning - hydration, before going to bed - food"

Steam treatments

engorged skin will help steam baths on the basis of medicinal herbs.This will require two teaspoons of dry mixture of chamomile, lime blossom and sage.Herbs pour one cup of boiling water.Hold face over the steam, if you do inhale.

Recipes masks

Option 1

Ingredients: egg yolk, a tablespoon of fat yogurt, a teaspoon of vegetable oil (can substitute mayonnaise), 2 drops of sea buckthorn oil.Before applying the mixture to be face to steam.Keep the mask for twenty minutes.Use a nourishing cream after the mask is washed off.

Option 2

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons freshly grated carrot, egg yolk.Hold the mask of twenty to thirty minutes.

Option 3

Ingredients for ½ teaspoon of liquid honey, cream and enough strong black tea brewing.The mixture on the face to keep about half an hour later, rinse and use a nourishing cream.

Option 4

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of liquid honey and natural olive oil.Mix well just "hover" in a water bath, to perfectly mix the two components.Keep the mask for half an hour.

Masks quickly restore skin health, if you follow the schedule of application - two times a week.Also try to ensure around him relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, while the skin is exposed to the beneficial ingredients of the mask.