Tea: Recipes masks and compresses to the face on the basis of tea

We hardly a single day goes by without a cup of tea.But everyone knows how useful the tea not only for the health of our body, but also for its beauty?

established that tea, unlike coffee, boosts the skin activity.So, it expands the skin pores, helping active perspiration, and cleanses the skin perfectly.

Tea contains a lot of vitamin B, and it increases the elasticity of the skin, making the skin more elastic.Contained in tea vitamins P and K strengthens the vascular walls, preventing bruising, with the result that the skin appears healthy-looking and beautiful color.And this is not all of the wonderful properties of a drink!

But today we wanted to give some recipes for tea-based skin and hair, which can be used in personal care at home.

tea for skin

• Refrigerated infusion of green tea - a great tool for washing, if you loose, porous, oily facial skin.

• For the improvement of aging dry skin can make a mask of tea leaves: Apply a teaspoon thick on clean skin, cover the top dipped in tea fine cl

oth and keep for 15-20 minutes.Then wash with warm water and apply on face fat cream.

• Ice Tea - an excellent remedy for skin rubbing.And cook it simply: unsweetened tea infusion to pour into molds for ice.And when the tea is frozen, it is necessary to wipe the face of a cube ice tea in the morning after washing.Such procedures are particularly indicated, if you have oily, loose and porous skin.It is necessary to take advantage of the tea with ice and sluggish skin aging, as well as a tendency to inflammation.Tea ice rescued you, and in the case of sunburn.

• You can make ice tea for fat porous skin, and in another way: one glass of tea infusion, add one teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice.Freeze the mixture into molds for ice and use it to wipe the face.

• You can make a lotion specifically for oily skin on the basis of tea.First brew strong tea and let it brew.Then add half a cup of tea three slices of lemon and leave for 30-40 minutes.After this time, squeeze a lemon with peel, strain the tea and add two table spoons of vodka.This lotion is well cleaned twice a day - morning and evening, greasy, and prone to excessive sweating skin.

• To remove the redness of the eyelids, swelling and irritation, it is enough to make a lotion of tea.For this brew strong tea - 1 teaspoon per 50 ml of boiling water, leave for half an hour, then cool, strain and rinse your eyes.

• To prevent the appearance of wrinkles do well tea compresses.For this brew a strong tea, and not cooling the it, soak a thin cloth.Put the napkin on your face, cover with a towel and keep compress: 15-20 minutes (for dry skin) or 20-30 minutes (for oily skin).Such compresses is recommended to do 1-2 times a week for 1-2 months.

• rinsing hair after washing with warm infusion of tea will not only give your hair an auburn shade, but will act favorably on the scalp, reduce its fat content and giving a beautiful shine.