Warts .Aromatherapy and the popular methods for removing warts

Warts - viral disease of the skin, which often are ill children and adolescents.The causative agent of the disease - a virus that produces ugly skin growths - passed directly in contact with the patient and through household items.Disease may contribute to minor injury to the skin, sweating, and others.

Warts are contagious and occur when you overdo.Before starting treatment, it is necessary to determine their causes.Warts are not only disfigured, but also can be very painful, especially if placed on the feet down.

Essential oils of lemon and tea tree strengthen the immune system and thus will help to eliminate the virus.The best remedy for warts - undiluted lemon oil (applied with a cotton swab).Not bad effect of tea tree oil.Aftercare: wheat germ oil mixed with a little lavender oil and rub.

Speeds treatment use of garlic (fresh or in capsule form).The mixture of raw chopped onions and garlic as a compress for the night helps to remove warts.Such packs desirable to do within 15 days of the waning


Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of warts

# To remove warts located on the soles of the feet and the palms (called the people "chicken ass"): rub a clove of garlic, pour it 1 teaspoon of vinegar and mix it with wheat flourto a consistency to the dough is not blurred.From this test, you need to dazzle the small cake.Cut a hole in the tape adhesive tape radius on 1/2 centimeters more warts paste "patch on the skin so that the wart has appeared in the center of the holes, apply the wart cake, cake on top to seal plaster and tie it with a bandage. After two or three days the bandage should be removed. However, it will be removed and warts. If you fail at one time, the procedure must be repeated. at the site of the wart formed several painful dimples, which are necessary to put a bandage with ointment Vishnevsky and wear to healing.

# Mashed fresh rice leaves quickly removedwarts, if applied as a dressing (sometimes only three receptions).

# Crush fresh flower calendula, apply it on the wart, and tie or seal the plaster at night. The procedure should be repeated until the disappearance of warts.

# shall be applied for the removal of wartsto them 2-3 times a day until the disappearance of warts pounded the petals of wild rose flowers.

# To remove the warts should be two to three times a day salve of chalk and hemp oil in the ratio of 1: 4.

# warts disappear without a trace, if you take a bath from the horse chestnut.Dial half enameled bucket or pot leaves of chestnut can be pounded with flowers and fruits to fill them up to the top with boiling water and infuse for 12 hours.In this decoction to take a bath at a temperature of 38-40 ° C for 15-20 minutes.Suffice it to 7-8 baths, taken every other day, and at good health - daily.

# Suitable aromatic oils: lemon, tea tree.Methods of application - warts cmazyvat oil.