How to use perfume ?

How to apply perfume correctly?

Spirits need to be able to properly use .Apply perfume bottle cork on those places where the veins are visible - at the back of the head at the hands of the bends.In the cold season, you can apply perfume on furs - with the smell lasts a long time.Due to the fact that only his inherent in every human being, individual, smell on the skin of different people the same perfume smells differently.For this reason, the same perfume all equally unsuitable.The reaction of your skin with the spirits - that is the main condition that you should consider.

In no case do not rub your wrist after applying perfume - this rubbing will only spoil the smell.It is necessary to give spirits to dry naturally.

Beware apply perfume to clothing, since it may remain spots.In this case, the perfume can be applied to the liner or to the inside of clothing.

hair very well hold the smell, so a little bit of perfume on the strands will be very useful.Aroma best kept if it is applied to clean, damp

hair a little.

fabrics, especially natural wool, as well keep the smell - it is necessary to remember, changing the perfume.

It is very important to smell differently in the morning, afternoon and evening.Be sure to change your spirits during repeated meetings with the same people.

Someone might think, if people smell the same, it creates the impression of a direct nature of calm.In fact, there is activated a reverse psychological effect.Man smelling differently depending on the particular event and the mood that this event must be accompanied by the impression of a more natural and positioning.A (permanent, recognizable scent raises doubts about the sincerity.

medicines Admission changes the smell of leather, as well as hot dishes (onion, garlic). Please note that pregnancy and menstruation also change the smell of leather.

Sometimes there is a feeling that the spiritsweathered. this feature of smell is known to every user of perfume. after some time own perfume little or ceases to be perceived. this happens in the form of fast and long-term adaptation. fast adaptation occurs immediately after a few breaths, and their spirits you stop noticing soon after seems that they are eroded, but it is not so prolonged adaptation gives the impression that the spirits are every day less, and you begin to use more perfume

when spirits run, the vial can put in the linen closet, -.. your stuff willpleasant smell for a long time

How to store perfume

Beware leave open bottles -.? air promotes the oxidation of spirits.Perfume, always tightly close the bottle stopper.

best option - a small spray bottle.If you use bottles, it is not recommended to keep an open bottle over a year - this term nocle spirits may deteriorate.In the closed and unopened bottle in a cool dark place spirits are stored for a long time.

light also adversely affects perfumes - direct sunlight and exposure to heat can arrange them in a few hours.Therefore, it is best to store them in a special box in a dark place.

Do not dilute with water or alcohol spirits - you irrevocably ruin favorite flavor.

not store perfume near the jewelry - if spirits get to the jewels, the latter may become darker.