Face and Hair Cocoa butter : properties, use, masks recipes with cocoa butter

Lately, especially popular natural remedies for skin care and hair care.They do not contain in its composition no chemical components, so it does not have a negative impact on the body, providing a soft and gentle care.

Individual attention oils made from the rich in vitamins and minerals products.The number of oil demand in cosmetology include cocoa butter, having a large number of useful properties and are used for facials and hair.

Cocoa butter face

As mentioned earlier, cocoa butter is a rich source of nutrients, beneficial for the skin, which is difficult to obtain from other foods.It is manufactured by cold pressing, so the production process preserves most of its properties.

Typically, cocoa butter is used for skin care, since it is perfectly moisturizes the skin and protects it from harmful UV rays in summer and from the strong wind and frost in winter.Very effectively cocoa butter in the care of the skin around the eyes, which is the most delicate and vulnerable to the negative effects of

both external and internal factors.

face mask with cocoa butter

To prepare nourishing mask based on cocoa butter you need a decoction of chamomile, aloe and cucumber.Pre-prepare a decoction of chamomile, boiling it for a few minutes, cool and strain, by getting rid of unnecessary flowers.Mix equal amounts of cocoa butter, aloe and chamomile broth.All mix well and add to the mix grated on a fine grater cucumber without skin in an amount to have a thick paste.Apply it on face and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with water mask.

moisturize the skin and help relieve irritation mask with cocoa butter and parsley .Carefully grind fresh parsley leaves, then mix it with melted beforehand and slightly ostuzhennym cocoa butter.The mask is applied with light, massaging movements to the face and left for half an hour.


Cocoa butter use in cosmetic cocoa butter has not ended on skin care.Very popular is considered to be the tool in the issue of hair care products.Cocoa butter is excellent retains moisture in them, not allowing the hair to get too dry, and his regular use of oil adds shine, beautiful and healthy appearance.

In addition, cocoa butter greatly simplifies the process of laying, making the hair more luxuriant and obedient.Funds on the basis of cocoa butter strengthen the hair, preventing their excessive loss and breakage.

hair mask with cocoa butter

In order to prepare for the hair mask, made up of cocoa butter is included, you will need rosemary.To start, prepare a decoction of rosemary.Pour two tablespoons of rosemary with boiling water, then infuse it for 30 minutes, then strain and mix the resulting broth with three spoons of pre-melted cocoa butter.The mask is applied to wet, clean hair, distributed throughout their length.Then you must head wrapped in cellophane and wrap in a towel.mask exposure time is two hours, after which it must be washed with shampoo.

To prepare the next mask is used burdock oil, low-fat yogurt, egg yolk and, of course, cocoa butter.Pour a spoonful of melted cocoa butter, yogurt and burdock oil, add one egg yolk, again all mix well and apply the mask ready to scalp.After that, put a cap on his head for a shower or cellophane wrap it with a towel and leave in a form for an hour.After the specified time, the mask should be washed off using your usual shampoo suitable for your hair type.