Massage spoons : the use , application and massage technique lozhechnogo

How useful massage spoons?

Those who have ever done a massage spoons, argue that it is very useful.Moreover, this view is shared by doctors, beauticians all over the world.

fact that spoons massage improves blood circulation and the removal of excess fluid from the tissues.It makes muscles more elastic and enhances the clarity face contour.

Moreover, spoons massage is useful not only for the face, the practice has proved that it is - an excellent remedy for sagging gluteal muscles, fat deposits in various parts of the body, and even cellulite!

massage technique spoons

best time of massage spoons - morning.After waking up and taking a shower, you are ready!

massage is cold, hot and flavored spoons.

As a massage oil can be used for massage creams and natural aromatic oils.

circular motion spoons during a massage - basic.Begin movement it is necessary, first clockwise and then continue - against.It should be noted that in a clockwise direction should always be massaged forcefully and pressed while

moving counterclockwise impossible not to cause reverse the outflow of tissue fluid.

basic techniques of massage spoons

* For some time put great tablespoons finely impaled in the ice, and when cooled down spoon, press them for centuries.This will give the elasticity of the skin around the eyelids, will contribute to the elimination of edema and reduce dark circles under the eyes, as well as stimulate the biological point of the eye that helps to strengthen vision.

* Apply a nourishing cream or essential oil large spoon and attach to the base of the eyebrows, and then in a circular motion to keep a spoon temples.This technique reduces wrinkles on the forehead, as well as relieve muscle tension and even stimulates the brain.

* Make rotational movements with warm spoon (to heat the spoon in hot water), oiled massage or essential oil.Then spend a few times, pressing lightly on the chin to the base of the neck.From this massage the skin on the neck will improve your tone and becomes more elastic.

* To massage the abdomen, to cool the spoon and start moving clockwise around the belly button, and then pressing a little harder to move up and toward the chest.This will help eliminate excess body fat and stimulates the function of internal organs.

* Heat in hot water two large spoons and put them in the hollow neck and then move in a circular motion towards the armpits.You can grease the spoon olive oil or massage.

* cooled in crushed ice large spoon attach to the elbow, and then in a circular motion move up on the inside of the arm.This massage helps to prevent sagging muscles in his arms.

* spoon can be massaged and back.Massage makes a great warm spoons.Movement held a clockwise direction from the tailbone up, guiding the spoon from the spine along the edges.