Secrets of honey massage at home

The fact that honey - the universal healer, know, probably all.And here is how you can use honey for personal care except in masks for the skin, for example, about the honey massage, described in this article.

Useful than honey massage?

Even in ancient Tibet guessed honey rubbed into the skin, there appeared the first honey massage, which makes the skin smooth and velvety, treat redness and rashes, wrinkles and restores tone.

All these amazing properties of honey massage is based on the ability of honey to absorb toxins.

When rubbed into the skin of honey, it is deeply penetrating into the tissues of the body, like a sponge, it absorbs the accumulated toxins.As a result, after a quarter of an hour rubbing honey into the skin instead of a clear product formed dirty yellowish flakes and pellets.

Honey massage should be done every other day for months - a full course of 15 treatments.

What does the honey massage?

primarily medical need, wherein, natural, not candied, without any additives.

allowed to add honey essential oils: citrus, eucalyptus, lavender and juniper or a mixture of aromatic oils.Proportion: two teaspoons of honey 10 drops of essential oil.Butter and honey mixed together just before the massage.If you want to add a mixture of aromatic oils, first mix them, and then add in the honey.

"Honey massage is contraindicated for varicose veins and capillary net on his feet."

Technique honey massage

first honey is applied to clean hands, and then it needs to be transferred to the massaged area.This is done with soft patting movements.In this part of honey it is transferred to the skin, and part - remains on his hands.

When all the honey mixture will be on the skin, you will notice that the palm as if glued to the body, and to pull them off, you need to make an effort.

Now we need to strengthen pat: the movement should be more sharp, hand press down tighter and tear off them too sharply.By doing so, the honey is driven into the skin, and only a thin layer remains on the surface.And after some time on the surface of the skin begin to appear whitish mass.

Perform this procedure for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and all of a soft washcloth or sponge.Then lubricate the face moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

If at first you the procedure of honey massage seems painful, do not worry - when the skin adapts all the painful symptoms will disappear, and there will be a pleasant experience.

If after a massage in some areas appeared bruised body, it's not scary - they quickly descend.