Honey massage - the best way to get rid of cellulite

benefits of honey massage

is recognized that honey massage - one of the most effective tools in the fight against cellulite.Moreover, considerable importance is the fact that a massage with honey can be done at home by yourself.

based on what the effect of the honey massage?The fact that the massage with honey, not only enhances the lymph and blood circulation in the subcutaneous layers, but also improves metabolism.All this contributes to smoothing and leveling the skin and increases its flexibility and reduces the amount in inches in problem areas.Moreover, having a course of honey massage, you will reduce its volume for 2-4 centimeters!

Preparations for

When honey massage honey massage on one area will require about two teaspoons of honey.So you need to first determine what kind of area you plan to process and prepare the necessary amount of honey.During the massage it is important to remember that the process should be sequentially each zone.

What honey is suitable for honey massage?

In fact, honey can be anything, it is only important that it was a real, natural and without additives, and not sugar.

As for supplements, then to enhance the effect of honey massage is recommended to add essential oils.Very good help for cellulite honey with the addition of essential oils of citrus - orange, lemon, grapefruit and eucalyptus essential oils.

number of essential oils, added to honey for honey massage should be controlled - two teaspoons of honey should be no more than five drops of essential oil.Adding aromatic oils in honey should be immediately before the massage.In this medical need warmed to room temperature, and only then to add essential oil.

If you want to add a mixture of essential oils, it is necessary to connect them before adding to the honey, but the total number of drops of aroma oils should not exceed the recommended norm - 5 drops to 2 teaspoons of honey.

How do honey massage?

Before starting honey massage requires warm up the area you want to massage.For heating the massaged area intensively pat the skin enough to knock edge of his hand, massage.Then the honey is better absorbed through the skin, and, therefore, will be more effective massage.

next step: putting honey on a massed zone.Part of the honey will be in your hands, and the main part goes to the body.

After applying honey is time to start the actual massage.It is necessary to firmly press the palms on the body, and then abruptly tear them.Pressing carried out with varying degrees of intensity.The denser you presses the palms and the sharper they tear off, the greater the effect you get from the procedure.

After a while you will see that honey is darkened and changed the texture - it was like a viscous thick gruel.This is because the body of harmful toxins derived salts and toxins.

Each zone should be massaged from 6 to 10 minutes.When finished massaging one zone, you need to cover it with a warm towel and move on to another area of ​​the body.Full massage course is 7-8 procedures.Guiding them through the day.

After the massage should be washed with warm water areas of the body that you are massaged, and then apply a moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream.

Do not worry if after the procedure you find bruises or you will be painful - 2-3 after the massage the skin gets used to massage and discomfort disappear.