Makeup removal right : how to remove makeup

unlikely that someone from the women would argue with the assertion that at night all the makeup you need to remove.And if you still have doubts, do not waste time in the evening to remove makeup in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror.But just to wash off makeup - this is not enough!Makeup removal should be done right!

basic rules demakijazha

Do not leave the makeup removal for the time before going to bed.The best way to do this immediately after coming home.Then, together with makeup, you remove the entire layer of sweat and dust that has accumulated on your face all day and your skin will be able to relax.

removes makeup should be neat, light circular movements, taking care not to stretch the skin.Start at the forehead, then you need to clean the eyes, nose, cheeks and chin.

To remove makeup, you will need cosmetics and cotton pads that need to be changed as long as they are not clean.

When cleansing facial special gels or mousses need to put cosmetic on the face, gently massage and rin

se with warm water.

How and when to apply a night cream

Night Cream is applied directly before going to bed - about half an hour.Before applying the cream to wipe the skin tonic - it will contribute to a better absorption of nutrients contained in the cream.

It should be recalled that the cream must match the type of your skin, as well as the problems that you have, for example, the skin needs hydration, recovery, regeneration, rejuvenation, etc. ..

to young normal or combination skin fit best specialcreams that contain minerals and flavones.They are well moisturize the skin and eliminate toxins.If you have dry skin of the face, you should use nourishing creams containing vitamins A.S.E.

For women over the age of 30, it is reasonable to use creams containing peptides that enhance the production of collagen and have a strong regenerating properties.

For aging skin need to use creams and other cosmetics against wrinkles.Such agents should contain vitamins, proteins and minerals which stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.

relaxing facial massage

applying the cream on your face, you can make an easy relaxing massage.It must begin with the cheeks, and then move toward the ears.Massage the cheeks, you can go to the forehead, making a movement in the direction from the eyebrows up.The chin and neck massaging last.Held procedure outside of the palm from the bottom up.

concluding massage, treat lightly fingers cheeks, forehead and chin, moving in the same direction.The entire procedure takes you no more than 3-5 minutes, and the result of such skin care does not take long.