Lymph at home

Lymph home runs as a type of self-massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and improves the appearance.

Modern woman must stay in shape - even when time and effort on it almost does not remain.Helping to look and feel better part can uncomplicated procedure - lymphatic drainage.Massage this type can easily be performed at home, does not require special skills.It helps to reduce fatigue, improve skin condition, to adjust the body's metabolism, in particular - the circulation of blood and lymph.

Lymph - why and how to carry out?

The lymphatic system is almost as important as blood.If the latter distributes the nutrients in the body, the first - it is responsible for the conclusion of the decay products, toxins, waste interstitial fluid.When there are problems with the lymphatic system, begins a period of swelling and deterioration and color, legs and arms felt heavy, fatigue sets in quickly.

To stimulate the lymphatic system and lymph to make again "move".Massage can be performed in hardware,

cosmetologist, but it is possible to organize a lymphatic drainage at home, doing with his hands.

General rules :

1. Move towards lymph flow - from the bottom up.So you can quickly knead the most "stale" sites.

2. Ensure that the movements were not too intense or strong, it is better to resort to resilient stroking and patting.Lymphatic drainage is not like a regular massage, as it does not act on the muscles, and on the lymphatic system, is much more delicate.

3. Be sure to use a cream, essential oils or even a massage oil, otherwise the procedure will be painful and traumatic for delicate fabrics.

massage type will depend on the body part on which the lymphatic drainage.The procedure takes no more than 10-15 minutes and is usually done in the evening, when it is especially noticeable swelling and other problems with the lymphatic system.

Massage on different parts

Lymphatic drainage can be performed independently in different parts of the body.It is recommended to work out 2-3 plot every day, alternating between them.

Lymph hip done first on the outside, and then the inside of the thigh from the knee up to the groin.Starting with light strokes, pressure 7-8 aisle intensifies - the pressure is carried out side of his hand.As the pressure increases, and the intensity.Further movement nullified, finishing well with light strokes.Total for the procedure can be done 16-18 approaches.

Lymph belly eliminates pressure or intensive movement.He performed with his fingers in a clockwise direction, increasing the area of ​​coverage of a spiral, starting from the small circles near the navel.Perform 7-8 minutes.

Lymph feet well with a massage hips, these types is best done in a couple of procedures.Start with a light warm-up movements of the ankle to the thigh area, with the growth of the intensity of the pressure increase.During the 5-6 passage grasp the ankle and produces a strong upward movement, stretching his calves and reaching the knee.On the 11-12 approach reduces the pressure.The procedure takes no more than 8-10 minutes and helps you to quickly remove the swelling with the ankles and calves, as well as prevent them in the future.

Lymph person is the same as the simple application of a cream or washing.Starting from the forehead, walk fingers to his temples, and then pay attention to the eyes.A circular motion along the eye muscle rub cream or other means to the temples.Then go from the corners of the mouth to the ear lobes, and from the nose to the cheeks.The procedure lasts no more than 5-7 minutes.

Even doing all of the procedures listed above, you will spend no more than 15-20 minutes a day.But the effect will be noticeable very soon - improves the skin condition, swelling disappear, and with them - and a bad mood.