Make cheekbones : makeup or plastic

How to make beautiful cheekbones - refer to the methods of contouring or daily spend time on makeup?Obviously, right created by the line of cheekbones could radically transform the face to make it more expressive and younger.Methods for this are selected individually.

Contour cheeks

most common option to make cheekbones - injection.The procedure takes about an hour and requires only local anesthesia.Subcutaneous injections of hyaluronic acid in the skin will make the correct area as smooth as possible, add the desired amount.A possible run-off or redness will not go after a couple of days, and will get a clear line of jaw contour without disturbing the natural appearance of the face.If you perform the procedure in a medical center in a trusted expert, then no one will ever guess that you have resorted to cosmetic procedures.

line cheekbones Correction is also included in the general program contouring face.Loss of expression of the cheeks is often associated with age-related skin changes.If th

is is your case, it is better to choose a comprehensive procedure to restore elasticity and skin tone.In other areas, individuals will be very different from the areas not touched by fillers.

plastic cheekbones with implants Option appropriate only in extreme cases.The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia, it takes about two hours.The right line and cheekbones in a circular face lift, which is not without its skin micro-incision.

"Any procedure - cosmetic or surgical - has its contraindications If plastic - it's your choice, without prior consultation with a specialist can not do.."

Makeup for cheekbones

To draw cheekbones well need: bronzer, blush, highlighter and threetype of brush.

algorithm makeup cheekbones:

1. After creating an even tone the face, feather powder brush big round shape, apply bronzer .To use a bronzer brush with a flattened pile.Hold the brush from the edge of the chin on the bottom line of the cheekbone to temple.The border line delineated bronzers blend.

2. In the outstanding line of cheekbones, apply blush .Use flattened brush, but slightly smaller than for the bronzer.Blend them abroad so that between the color of blush and bronzer was a natural transition concise.

3. On the upper border of the zygomatic bone protruding apply highlighter .Use a fan-shaped brush - it will help to put reflective mikrochastichki means a thin layer.

"Makeup cheekbones visually adjust the shape of the face, achieving its symmetry because of the play of light and shadow."

exercises cheekbones

Clear facial contours depend on the tone of the muscles.Performing daily five-minute exercises you can achieve the effect of is recommended to do the following exercises for the cheeks.

1. Maximum inflate cheeks.Hold for air, put his hands on the cheeks so that his fingers fell on the ears.Crush her hands on her cheeks, as if trying to deflate them, and at the same time exert itself resistance, not letting the air.

2. bite the bullet (not to the pain, of course, but firmly, as you can) and deeply zaprokinte head back, then tilt it to the right shoulder, and then - to the left.The shoulders should not be tightened to the head, on the contrary - the maximum pull the shoulders down.

3. Lips shape letter About so that the inside of the mouth cheek touching language.Is held in a position to complete exhaustion.After the break - repeat.

4. The contours of the face are tightened, if slowly pronounce the sounds O, Y, and and do not forget at the same time the maximum strain the muscles of the face.You should feel the muscles tense up and they get tired at the next repetition exercises.