Masks and scrubs, baths, saunas

order as long as possible to remain attractive, women need to regularly take care of yourself by performing a number of cosmetic procedures that preserve the suppleness and beauty of the skin.

One of the most effective ways to care for your body is to visit the baths and saunas.Women try to imagine this method, are well aware of the fact that any funds used during the procedure, work is much more effective if they apply in the sauna.

most common are masks and scrubs, which can be purchased in a specialty store or prepare yourself.

Body scrubs

One universal ingredients commonly used in the preparation of the home scrubs is natural honey.To make a scrub for the sauna, you need honey, preferably not liquid, and ground cinnamon.Mix them in the proportions 2: 1, respectively, and applied to the body smooth, circular motion.Then draw in the steam room 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water and scrub.

No less popular is the coffee scrub.Preparing it is quite simple.Add the coffee grounds unrefined veg

etable oil or heavy cream in an amount to have turned a creamy mass.After that, apply it on the face and body, hold for 10 minutes and then rinse.

Masks hair from medicinal plants for baths and saunas

It is known that higher temperatures have a negative impact on the condition of hair, however, even out of the sauna, you can benefit from them, after putting on a special herbal hair mask.

To prepare nourishing hair mask will need castor and burdock oil, apple cider vinegar, glycerin and your usual shampoo.All ingredients are mixed in equal amounts and then applied to the hair evenly along their entire length.

To obtain a greater effect on the hair is recommended to wear a shower cap and go to the steam room to 30 minutes.After that the hair should be thoroughly rinsed.

Face masks in the sauna and bath

Our face is constantly exposed to it negative externalities that lead to the formation of redness, irritation and skin flaking.Eliminate these phenomena will help special masks for the face, which is recommended to be used during a visit to the bath and sauna.

To prepare mask mix together one tablespoon of brewer's yeast, the same amount of vegetable oil and one egg yolk.The mask is applied to the skin prior to entering the steam bath and washed off after 15 minutes.

mask of honey and wheat bran is perfect for oily skin.In two tablespoons of honey, add a tablespoon of bran and juice of half a lemon.Before using honey it is recommended to melt to a liquid state, to cool and then mix with the remaining ingredients.

very good for your skin infusion of green tea, which is usually mixed with green clay and put on the face and body before a visit to the steam room.Through our skin open pores absorb all the most useful components that make up the ingredients of such masks.

body mask in the sauna

most popular among women is cellulite body mask, as it not only improves the skin condition, but also helps get rid of the hated orange peel.

To prepare the masks need to fresh grape juice, oatmeal and honey.In 100 grams of juice add a tablespoon of honey and flour, all mixed thoroughly until smooth and applied to the body evenly massaged.

Masks for saunas with dairy products perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin.To prepare a suitable mask milk, sour cream, cream, cottage cheese and yogurt.With dairy product selected fruit puree mixed in a ratio such that the mask does not drip down from the body and then applied to the skin evenly.Wash off the mask to the dairy after 15-20 minutes.