Makeup stars

All women try to repeat makeup stars.But it turns out it is only those who experienced eye could see a beautiful picture right accents.Such talent really need to learn - it will help to unravel the secrets of attraction is not only the star of the screen, but also, for example, your girlfriend, whose radiant appearance you envy in his heart.

The first thing that distinguishes the star make-up of the "philistine" - a perfect skin tone.Smooth skin tone, the absence of any defects provide the image of women of high society.

"can exactly copy the star make-up eyes and lips, but visible redness, acne and so never allow you to be reincarnated as Jennifer Lopez or Salma Hayek."

Conclusion: first learn how to apply foundation makeup, use a proofreader, Tonalka and powder.Be sure to get your hands on the rules applying highlighter to always look relaxed.And only then you can move on to a detailed copy of star chips in maykape.

The following are illustrative examples of declassified stellar images.

Makeup Megan Fox

makeup in the style of Megan Fox would be required: beige, pearl and dark shades of gray, black pencil, mascara with the effect of eyelash extensions.

1. The upper eyelid is completely painted over beige shades.

2. Held black pencil line: the upper eyelid - at the lash line;lower eyelid a little differently - on the lash line from the outer corner to the middle.

3. Using a flat brush apply the shadow dark smoked tint: strictly by a line drawn in pencil.Line width gradually thickens - by mid-century to its outer edge.The result is a real cat's eyes.

4. Under eyebrow applied pearlescent shadows, eyelashes covered with several layers of mascara.For make-up lip gloss will be enough transparent.

Makeup Kate Middleton

To create an image in the style of Kate Middleton royal required: highlighter, bronzer, blush, black pencil, mascara.

1. Give your skin a mild tan hue and glow effect using a highlighter and bronzer, be sure to emphasize cheekbones blush.Depending on the individual tsvetotipa chosen shade of blush.

2. Carry a pencil along the lash line, not only the upper but also the lower eyelid.This differs princess makeover!Kate literally encircles the eyes with black pencil.However, such a way to put the emphasis on the eyes rather questionable - there is a danger to look older than their years.

3. Completes make-up mascara and lipstick, the shade of which is identical to the natural one and is almost devoid of luster.

Makeup Drew Barrymore

Star stylists are unanimous in saying that the most successful make-up Drew - a slight accent on eyes and bright lips.

Repeat makeup star help: the shade of chocolate or golden color (depending on the purpose of make-up - day or evening), rich wine color lipstick, dark brown or black mascara.

1. brown shades cover the entire upper eyelid.The same shade make tokuyu line on the growth of cilia on the lower eyelid.

2. Eyelashes need to make up mascara one (maximum two) layer.

3. Lips powder, make a pencil outline, the tone is absolutely the same as the color of lipstick.This binding event to favorite lipstick Drew kept as long as possible.It is necessary to choose a lipstick without a catchy glossy shine.

Makeup Heidi Klum

To repeat Makeup Heidi Klum need: shade of pale pink or subtle shades of lavender, dark brown mascara, pink blush.

1. light shadows emerges a line of uniform thickness along the lash line on the upper eyelid.Also - for the lower eyelid, only the thickness of the line will be slightly less.

2. If the make-up evening, you can spend a faint line of dark brown pencil on the upper and lower eyelid - strictly on the lines of cilia growth.And only then perform steps 1.

3. Ā«ApplesĀ» on cheeks blush pink highlights.

In 90% of cases Heidi chooses lip gloss or lipstick with a light creamy texture.Favorite color - pale pink.