Makeup for round eyes

Makeup for round eyes - a set of specific rules that help to correct the shape of the eye, visually bringing it closer to the classic almond.

Makeup for round eyes is not too much difficulty, if a similar incision in harmony with the oval face.In the case where the shape of the face and the eyes do not match, their incision can be corrected by providing it with the best hand using the right make-up applied.

makeup Features for round eyes

classic cut eye is considered to be almond.To visually "extend" round eyes, it is necessary to focus on the upper eyelid.Here come to the aid of shadow and eyeliner dark tones and mascara, lengthening lashes.

Shape eyebrows with a round cross-section eye must also be correctly matched.The best option - the eyebrows, follow the contours of brow, slightly wider at the nose and inflated outer corner.

When choosing makeup palette for round eyes is important to consider tsvetotip face.Brunettes should give preference to dark shades, and blondes more appropriate lig

ht shades to extend the inner and outer corners of eyes.

correct makeup

All you need to hide, "hide" cosmetics dark tones.Profitable emphasize the advantages of your eyes bright shades of cosmetics.A thin strip of light shadow on the upper eyelid incision change round in the direction of the amygdala.From the middle of the century rolling, apply the dark shade.

Owners round eyes can not do without liner - it must necessarily expand the line to the outer border of the eye.Through the growth of the lower eyelashes emphasize eye shape dark pencil.

"Nuances for applying mascara to the eyelashes - more clearly need to paint over the lashes on the outside of the eye, directing brush mascara to her temples."

Do not forget to prepare the skin for the application of decorative cosmetics.Refresh the face thermal water and blend the concealer around the eyes with light reflecting particles.

preferred colors

Base - calm, neutral colors - cream or beige.

Create almond-shaped - chocolate or terracotta.

Eyeliner Pencil - Brown.

Mascara - brown.

Makeup Mistakes

fundamental error when creating a make-up for round eyes, seeking an "open view", you can overdo it and give them a puppet somewhat stupid expression "Barbie-dollars."

algorithm for creating daytime makeup

need: shadows, mascara to lengthen lashes effect, pencil century.


1. Put on the mobile eyelid, without going beyond its borders, shadows, natural shades with a straight line shading.

2. Draw a pencil arrow within the boundaries of the upper eyelid a few millimeters above the lash line.

3. The final touch - the application of mascara to the eyelashes.

algorithm for creating evening makeup

Makeup for round eyes, designed for an evening out, the application of the scheme is close to daylight.The only difference is in the color palette - for evening makeup appropriate brighter, more saturated colors.Shades are selected based on the color of the iris of the eye or dress.


1. On clean skin apply a leveling complexion tone.This light can be a cream texture.

2. applying foundation on the upper and lower eyelids.Welcomes the use of a catchy shades of color - dark gray, bronze, peach-rich, dark marsh.

3. Liner for evening make-up, in contrast to the daily option can be black and can be applied not only to the mobile eyelid, but also on the bottom, and even the internal corners of the eyes.Principle drawing arrows is the same - the line thicker towards the outer edge of the upper eyelid.

4. Ink stained only the upper lashes - particularly dense at the outer edge of the eye.

Guided by these simple rules of make-APA, any winner of round eyes can do their appearance is not only attractive, but also stylish.