Powder for the body, the use of

Powder body - kind of makeup that hides the common skin blemishes and has hygienic properties.The most topical powder for the body in the summer, because it helps to deal with the problem of sweating.

Often powder with light reflecting particles becoming an alternative to tanning.Gives the skin a matte finish and a subtle glow powder helps out those who did not manage to be transformed to the beach season.

Why body powder?

1. Masking age spots, acne, freckles, spider veins, etc.

Note that in the case of freckles or pigmented spots, powder does not protect the skin from sunlight, does not prevent the increase in their number.It performs only a decorative function.

If you have the need to hide pimples, do not forget that the powder (no matter - for the face or body) should not be applied to an open wound, as this may result in overgrowth problem.

And if a pimple only matures or is already "open" and now tightened plenochkoj (sore), the powder under such circumstances will not harm and even help

dry up the problem area.

"to mask defects is best suited hygienic powder with flickering effect ."

2. Fighting hyperhidrosis

Powder body significantly reduces the unpleasant symptoms of hyperhidrosis - the smell of sweat, prickly heat, irritation due to friction on the skin sweaty clothes.The composition should include a hygienic powder talc or kaolin.

"powder does not clog pores, so do not interfere with the skin to breathe, while its micro-particles perfectly absorb sweat speakers."

With its adsorbent properties, hygienic powder still not a cure against hyperhidrosis.

3. Giving the body a light fragrance

This task is performed perfumed powder body.It differs from the sanitary fact that most often occurs in the liquid form.

features and tweaks application

1. Powder is applied only on dry, clean skin.

2. big puff or volume brush is suitable for applying loose powder.

3. Powder should not be applied immediately after using the balm or body milk.If the skin has not yet had time to fully absorb these funds, there is a danger of non-uniform application of powder.To surely avoid this, wipe the skin with a towel before applying the powder.

4. Pre-read the features of its powder.Perform the test, causing her to a small portion of the hand, and then share it with a handkerchief or towel.So you know how likely stain your clothes powder.

5. To leave the body even layer of powder and reduce the risk of staining your clothes, use two puffs or brush.First - Powder is applied, the second (perfectly clean) - whisked her surplus.

6. It is desirable to have powder in a compact package, to be able to carry it with you.By analogy with the makeup person applied layer of powder on the body may require correction.

7. Powder body completely washed off with soap and water.In a collision with only water washed powder uniformly.In what may be a trick here?Any spray water can damage the body makeup.For example, you are dealt a powder on your feet and hands, but during the summer were walking in the rain.Here we must be prepared for the fact that the rain washed away the powder with body dot.

8. It is not recommended to simultaneously use perfumed powder and perfume in order to prevent conflict between flavors.Also remember that the smell of perfumed powder slightly, but still is transferred to clothes.

9. Lighting at the time of application of the powder should be identical to the one in which you want to "wear" cosmetics for the body.This is especially important when using the powder with shimmer.Reflective particles manifest themselves differently in natural and artificial light.

10. Do not use the powder, if any flaking or symptoms of skin disorders on the skin (dermatitis, herpes, etc.).