Lip Tint

Tint Lip - ideal makeup for the girls, who are tired of constantly update eaten lipstick.Due Korean cosmeticians no longer need to be afraid of kisses and "indecent" traces of lipstick on glasses.

"Tint Lip -. It is the future of cosmetics, compares favorably with the lipstick and gloss"

The TINT Lip is different from the usual gloss or lipstick?

In the movies we often see Chinese and Korean women with bright red lips.And this looks very natural makeup.It's not in the national characteristics of women from the countries of the rising sun, beautiful actresses mouth gives TINT lip.

Tint - a new type of decorative cosmetics containing saturated color pigment alcohol-based.When applied to the lips, the colorant is instantly absorbed into the skin and stays on the lips for as long as you wish.

Available TINT in the form of a small tube with a liquid or as a marker for the lips.Girls who have started to use Tinto, claim that has forgotten lipsticks and gloss.Let's look at the reasons for the popularity

of this tool.

Benefits Tinta lip

1. Easy to apply, which is no different from applying other makeup.

2. Absence of traces on the clothes, utensils and your lips a young man!Tint is absorbed instantly, not eaten, is not wiped and not smeared as lipstick.With Tinto You can do whatever you want, and your lips will always look perfectly.

3. hue Saturation You can adjust themselves, it depends on the amount of money - the more struck, the brighter lips.

4. Tint can be used not only for the lips, it is perfect as a blush or shadows.

5. This type of makeup is very economical: the package is enough for a few months of daily use.

6. Tint can replace costly procedure tattooing of lips.

7. Lips kolorirovannye Tinto, look voluminous, brighter and more natural than with lipstick or gloss.

How to use Tint Lip: the nuances and expert advice

to select the desired color, apply a little Tinta on hand - roughly the color will be on your lips.There are several options for applying to the lips Tinta:

1. zatselovali sponge .For the effect to kiss the lips, apply pigment to the center of the lips, focusing more on the upper lip, and blend tool quickly.

2. The additional volume.Plump lips obtained if put a little Tinta 4 points - 2 spots on the upper part of the lower lip, and 2 - the center of the upper lip.Then apply TINT on all lips and smooth out.

3. Saturated color.In this case TINT fully applied to the lips as a lipstick.

4. Seductive circuit.Applicator, apply a thin TINT on the contour of the lips, and in a moment you can cover the entire surface.

To get the desired shape and color of the lips, make-up artists are advised to remember a few rules applying Tinta:

1. Make lips peeling skin before applying Tinta.On the smooth skin pigment falls evenly and easily.

2. Do not use paint, if the lips are cracked or they have other lesions (cold sores, colds, etc.).

3. Moisten lip balm before applying the dye.Wait a few minutes to remove residual tissue means.

4. Shake the vial or marker with liquid.

5. Now you can make a lip contour, if you are planning an evening makeup.For the natural look of the lips can skip this step.

6. Apply a little Tinta at the center of the upper lip and spread to the corners of the applicator or your fingertip.

7. lower lip paint as well - from the center to the corners.

8. Tushuyte paint quickly, TINT dries in seconds.

9. Above you can apply your favorite lip gloss, or leave a natural matte finish.

Shoot TINT lips need with a special tool for make-up remover.Some girls feel the lips dry skin after prolonged use of Tinta.To maintain healthy skin of the lips, use scrubs and moisturizing nutrient makeup.That's all, and wish a successful make-up!