Self-massage : basic techniques , equipment

with proper and regular performance Self-massage has a beneficial effect on all systems of the body, it helps improve efficiency, strengthen the immune system, relieve pain and tension, and improve the overall well-being considerably.

basic techniques of self-massage, perform

complex machinery better develop gradually, adding every day new moves to 3-4.

For greater efficiency in the process of self-massage vigorously periodically rub the palms against each other out.

Frequency of sessions - twice a day (morning, evening) for half an hour, sitting or standing - it does not matter.

number of repetitions of each movement - from 8 to 16 (unless otherwise indicated on the technique of massage).

1. rubbing against each other of the inner side surfaces of the heels.At the same time the hand work: slight indentation thumbs depressions in the shoulder joint under the clavicle (elbows while committing a circular motion).Alternately rub the back side of the foot sole of the other foot connected palm pin

ch between his knees, and also good to rub against each other.It worked active points of feet and hands .

2. "Finger shower" - pat face finger pads about a minute, without moving the skin.Exercise helps with tremors of facial muscles, paresis, improves blood circulation, relieves stiff fingers.

3. Methods of self-massage of the nose - rubbing the back surface of the sidewall thumbs nose oncoming traffic.For prevention is performed before the heat sensations (with SARS - up to 36 times).

4. Massage closed mouth - circular movements of the tongue from right to left and vice versa on the front surface of the gums, "Rinse" (language cheeks) - 36 times the rotational closed lips apart.Highlight a massage saliva swallow in three steps.

5. Ears massaged bent thumbs - first cavity under the auricles.Then, holding his ears between his thumb and forefinger, gently pull them up and down.Not wishing rub hands over his ears in the direction back and forth.Reception is ideal for the prevention of deafness, noise elimination in the ears, improving brain health.

6. Massage head held ten half-bent fingers - from the center to the edges.Capturing the hair at the roots, pull them to the occurrence of mild pain."Pobarabante" pads on the hair for about a minute.Palms walk from the cheeks to the back of the head, then the neck to the lower jaw, chin and forehead.Similarly, improved blood circulation, relieve fatigue and tension, normalizes blood pressure.

7. Sit in a "lotus position", grab the toes and work out rolls back and forth on the back.Then fists behind their back "rattles" knuckles along the spine in the direction of the sacrum and above.Pounded and heated palm put on the lower back and wait for the heat penetration (5 times).At the end of intensive (up and down) rub the lumbar region.Admission relieves back pain , improves kidney function.

8. fingers (thumb and index) of one hand promassirovat all fingers (each phalanx) of the other hand."Fork" of the index and middle fingers of one hand to bend to the outside of the brush alternately fingers of the other hand.Exercise normalizes the nervous system.

9. Massage point he-gu (points are located in the cavity area between the bone bases thumb and index finger) - deep massage to the muscle elasticity and pliability.Actions affect the operation of the colon.

10. Joints of the hands. necessary clasp the fingers of one hand the area of ​​the wrist joint and heat it counter-rotating motion.While pushing the palm of one hand on the back of the wrist, forearm mash oscillatory movements.Straighten a brush in the opposite direction, all the fingers wrapped around and feeling a slight resistance, it is folded back.

11. tapping the inner and outer surface of the hands.

12. Stroking hands - inner side - from the wrist to the shoulder while inhaling, return on the outer side down on the exhale.These exercises for the joints, prevent blood stasis.

13. Side rubbing the chest and abdomen (palm as close as possible to the armpits).

14. superposed palms (left over right) massaged his chest from right to left in a circular motion in the course of the clock - the thumbs pointing upwards, the right to touch the nipple, the left rests on the xiphoid process.From left to right massage is performed in reverse order.

15. closeness brushes with maximum vertical lag thumbs cut around a large circle in a clockwise and anti-clockwise on the stomach .

16. Massaging the abdomen, hands slowly move down, moving first against and then in the course of the clock. Massage normalizes the digestive and urogenital organs .

17. Liver and spleen - alternate careful pressing and rotational movement of the fingers without the participation of large areas in the right and left hypochondrium.

18. Rubbing hands the inner surface of the thighs stimulate the urogenital organs.

19. Points Tsu-tsang-Do. Sitting, putting his left hand on his right knee, when stooping get the point - 2.5-3 cm to the outer edge of the knee from the tip of the middle finger.Without removing his left hand, massage the point with three fingers of his right hand (2-4) in a clockwise direction - left hand performs the inverse movement.The same - with the other leg.

20. Stifle massaged the inside of the palm of the opposite hand, the other hand at this time holds the knee.

21. Massage ankle joint is done sitting on the floor on his leg bent at the knee at the same time focusing on the other foot.Capturing the right ankle joint of the right hand and the left hand - the fingers, follow the first rotational movement, then pull the foot to him.Then, lifting his foot, pull it toward you for a stack.Admission is effective in lower limb problems.

22. Stimulation tweaks Achilles tendons.This method improves the performance urinary and kidney .

23. Clamping between the fingers of the hand (index, middle) each toe, perform rotational movements massage.Unbend the bent toes "fork" of the fingers.

24. Warm feet vibrating movements of the fingers.

25. Rubbing feet between your hands from the fingers to the heel.

26. pat on feet on all sides.The direction of movement - from the foot to the groin.

27. Stroking with both hands to push each leg - from the hip to the foot and back.This technique - prevention of varicose veins .