Wrinkles under the eyes : how to get rid

wrinkles under the eyes may occur at a relatively early age.Stop deepening creases of wrinkles and help get rid of them homemade recipes and massage.

important to realize that we are (their lifestyle) provoke the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.How to get rid of them, or even better - to prevent their premature appearance?

reasons and factors that trigger the appearance of wrinkles

  • age-related decrease collagen production and hormonal changes.
  • Cardiovascular diseases, kidney malfunction.
  • aggressive environmental influences.
  • Unsystematic lifestyle - lack of sleep, bad habits, poor nutrition.
  • active facial expressions.
  • wrong organization bed - night's rest on too high, bulky pads.

Folk remedies against wrinkles under the eyes


bread recipe mask: wheat crumb (mashed white bread without crust) plus a little warm milk.The resulting slurry is distributed around the eyes, the remains of a napkin are removed after 15 minutes.

recipe potato mask: grated potatoes mixed with cre

am, applied for 10 minutes only to the lower eyelids, and not more than 2 times per week.The remains are removed with warm water.

yeast mask recipe: yeast (2-25 g), diluted with milk (or vegetable oil) to a creamy consistency and spread around the eyes for 15-20 minutes.Heat the milk to remove the remains.

Recipe for honey mask: warmed honey (1 tbsp..) Plus wheat flour (1 tsp.). Plus whipped in a protein 1 egg foam.To sustain in the skin under the eyes a quarter of an hour, rinse and apply on skin moisturizer.

Carefully - honey mask can cause an allergic reaction!It is necessary to pre-test the mixture (eg, on the skin in the area of ​​the hand inner bend of the elbow).


recipe nourishing cream: butter (1 tbsp..), Plus a raw egg yolk.Ingredients rub, add finely chopped rose petals (or rose hips / Jasmine / Lily of the Valley).Apply on the skin under the eyes and leave for the night.Shelf life home cream - 7 days in a refrigerator.

softening cream Recipe: to molten lanolin (.. 1 tsp), add almond oil (2 tsp..) And lecithin powder (0.5 tsp..) Dissolved in 2 tbsp.l.mineral (pink) water.The whole preparation process is carried out in a water bath.To sustain the composition for 1-2 minutes in a water bath, whisk with a fork and leave to cool.Apply the resulting cream at night.


"solid" Lotion: infusions of herbs (mint, chamomile, lemon balm), pour into molds and freeze.Wipe clean with "herbal" ice skin around the eyes during the morning hygiene procedures.

To prevent wrinkles: dill (1 tsp.). Plus sage, linden flowers (1 tbsp.). Pour hot water (400 ml) and insist 2 hours in a cool, then strain.Wipe clean skin morning and evening.

before wiping the problem area with a cotton pad bed dipped olive oil , also provide an impressive effect.However, to save on oil is not necessary - choose the moment, natural, high quality.

Preventing wrinkles

Post prevention possible with catering, including in your diet foods rich collagen and stimulate its production in our skin.In this list fall: seaweed, turkey meat, fat varieties of marine fish, vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, greens).

In addition, it is necessary to ensure adequate intake of water (but not at night) askorbinki and necessary for the synthesis of collagen.

"Featured Products - Natural sources of vitamin C - peppers, rose hips, citrus fruits, blueberries."

Six techniques of self-massage anti-wrinkle

Massage against wrinkles under the eyes performed only purified the skin and using the cream, heated to a temperaturebody.It is necessary to ensure consistency of the proposed methods.

1. The index and middle fingers to walk along the route: the base of the nose - the area under the eyebrows - the outer corners of the eyes.

2. Self-massage the temporal region - "finger" shower and light tapping with fingertips.

3. Go through the lower eyelid to the inner corner of the eye.Return to the top of the first exercises in reverse order.

4. Commit forefingers movement directed towards the temples - first on the upper eyelids, and then - on the bottom.

5. traced his index finger above and below the eyes, "eight" in the horizontal (the sign "infinity").Movement started from the outer corner of one eye, then through the nose on the upper eyelid to hold the other eye, etc.

6. Complete easy self-massage "finger" shower for the upper and lower eyelids.