Tips and secrets of a successful make-up

happens that a great and cosmetics, and, like, observe all the rules, and make-up is not only adorns the face, and even as it ages and spoils.You can, of course, in special cases, to go to the salon to make-up artist, but you want to look good every day, and in the salons will not run.

And what to do?

Pay attention to some of the secrets of is their knowledge Maybe you do not have enough to be reflected in the mirror you never ceased to please ...

secrets of successful makeup

• To make the look more expressive, try to put on the lashes base layer black ink, and above it a little touch up the eyelashes blue ink.The effect you like it!

• When you select a shade of make-up, then take into account not only the fashion trends, but also the place where you want to go.So, in the room where bright lighting, it is best to look classic make-up in the gray-blue tones.For rooms with an intimate light, such as a cafe or restaurant, more appropriate orange-red colors: bright lipstick, eye shadow shad

es of peach, etc.

by candlelight in an intimate setting will be the best one for shade and powder with the addition nacre..If you are going to visit, when the local lighting dark colors make-up are counter - otherwise your face with make-up will be seen as one big blur.

• Cheeks can emphasize not only the usual blush and tonal cream shades darker than your natural complexion.Moreover, in this case the make-up will look more natural, and the skin will receive an additional protective layer of cream.

• If you make a mistake by choosing makeup rouge or shadows are too bright and dark, which is why the whole make-up seems too challenging, it is not difficult to fix - put on top of a thin layer of loose powder, and the color becomes less intense.

• Highlighting the lips, remember that on his thin lips dark lipstick looks too hard, so it is best to use lighter shades.If you have an upper and lower lip are different in size, the thinner lip lipstick need to paint one or two shades lighter.